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(botulinum toxin type a)
The origin of this product is Europe
B - Brand Name; G - Generic
OTC - Non-Prescription; RX - Prescription
Dysport manufactured by Ipsen is available through
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DYSPORT® Non-English
Pack Size
1 vial(s)
1 - 5 pack(s)
$359.00 USD
6 - 10 pack(s)
$349.00 USD
11 - 20 pack(s)
$345.00 USD
21 - 50 pack(s)
$339.00 USD
51 or more pack(s)
$335.00 USD
Group Buy
$335.00 USD

Where can you purchase DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U and other medical supplies at bargain prices?

Doctors and clinics can buy DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U from MedicalSpaRX for the lowest price. You can order DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U by phoning one of our knowledgeable customer service associates or you can buy DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U online at

You may be wondering, why does MedicalSpaRX sell DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U for such a low price? We purchase DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U from Europe, where government-imposed price restrictions allow us to buy DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U at the best possible price and pass the savings onto you, our customer. You may be asking, what is the difference between DYSPORT® and RELOXIN®? They are exactly the same product, made by the same manufacturer Ipsen, but in the USA DYSPORT® is sold under the trade name RELOXIN®. We guarantee that all products we supply at MedicalSpaRX are genuine and we guarantee you will be satisfied with your order.

Since DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U has many uses, you may wonder, when is it a suitable treatment? You can buy DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U for its original purpose, to treat the symptoms of muscular diseases like Cervical Dystonia (CD) where muscle spasms in the neck cause neck pain and an abnormal head position, the muscle stiffness after a stroke, pediatric Cerebral Palsy symptoms, and various twitches in your patient's face, neck, and shoulders. Many cosmetic surgeons also use DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U for cosmetic purposes, such as erasing crow's feet and glabellar lines. So how does DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U work? The botulinum toxin Type A in DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U temporarily blocks the signals between your patient's muscles and nerves, which relaxes the muscles and eases the symptoms or wrinkles. Your patients may be anxious for relief, so when can they expect the DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U to take effect? Your patients can find relief from their symptoms after purchasing a DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U treatment lasting up to about four months.

If you see your patients suffering from painful muscle spasms, who wouldn't want to help? Hospitals and clinics, doctors and cosmetic surgeons, and other licensed medical practitioners and organizations, help your suffering or aging patients cheaply by purchasing DYSPORT® (RELOXIN®) 500U from MedicalSpaRX today.



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