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N95 Disposable Respirators (20 Pieces)

$140 USD
Manufacturer Assorted Suppliers
Pack Size 20 piece(s)
Packs For each
1+ USD$ 140.00 USD 140
Group Buy $ 140.00 USD

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Buy N95 Masks for complete, effective prevention against harmful viral microbes including the COVID-19. Help your patients secure their safety against the rampant spread of viruses and infectious diseases and place your order today!

What is an N95 Mask?

N95 masks are advanced, disposable respirator masks that use four-layers of protection to effectively filter 95% of all air particulates, including from COVID-19, dust, germs, allergies, bacteria, smoke, ash, pullution, PM 2.5 and more, except for oil-resistant particles.

These masks are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), and CE-certified. These masks are non-irritating, non-toxic and fabric based.


  • Filtration efficiency: ≥95%. Proven and tested to filter 95% airborne micrones and air particulates.
  • Execution Standard: NIOSH-42CFR84. Proven to pass the safety and health regulatory standards in the United States.
  • Functions: N95 masks provide superior quality filtration, smooth ventilation, maximum breathing protection, and effective prevention against COVID-19 and other air microbes
  • Filters and eliminates all odor-emitting air particles for comfortable breathing.
  • Headband design style. Two polyurethane headbands secures the fit of the mask to the face and ensures a tight, fool-proof, comfortable seal.
  • Exhalation valve reduces breath resistance. The valve facilitates the safe, easy entrance and exit of healthy air particles for maximum breathing comfortability.
  • Ultrasonic welding technology. This process converts friction heat into durable polymer compounds able to resist infiltrations and successfully block out the air particulates.
  • Material: The four layers are made up of methodically stacked-up non-woven fabric while the inner filtration layers are melt-blown electrostatic micro-filtration layer

How does this product work?

The innermost and outermost layers absorb and retain moisture to keep out harmful viral infections and to keep within the wearer’s sphere any biological particulates. The electrostatic filtration layer blocks 95% of the smallest air particles. The inner meltblown filter effectively separates PM2.5 fine particles such as dust, pollen, gases, and bacteria.

What are N95 Masks made from?

  • high-quality non-woven fabric
  • electrostatic fabric filter
  • meltblown activated carbon filter

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the results last?

A single N95 Mask can be used for up to 8 hours and should be changed as often as necessary.


What are some important safety tips to follow when using this product?

Masks that have been exposed to close contact with a person or area co-infested with an infectious disease must be disposed after every exposure. Masks contaminated with blood, nasal and respiratory secretions, and other bodily fluids must be discarded immediately.

Proper steps should be followed to ensure to maximize the mask’s effectivity:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Placing arms in sleeves, fully cover torso from neck to knees and arms to end of wrists
  3. Wrap gown around the back.
  4. Fasten gown at back of neck and waist
  5. To remove, unfasten the ties and pull the gown away from your body, touching only the inside. Turn the gown inside out and discard safely. Wash your hands.
  6. Always keep in mind that the outside of the gown is contaminated.
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