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The origin of this product is Europe
Manufacturer Galderma
Active Substance(s) Hyaluronic acid
Strength 20mg/ml
Pack Size 1-2ml prefilled syringe
Accessories Package insert, 2 tracebility labels

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A package of Restylane SubQ comes with one prefilled syringe that contains 2ml of the filler.

Main Benefits

An alternative to fat transfer, Restylane SubQ 2ml is a hydrating and volumizing dermal implant that can restore facial features. With its large particle size and denser formation, this hyaluronic acid-based filler is capable of replacing lost volume in the face and defining facial contours, including in the cheeks, chin, mandible, and other facial areas. It is also suitable for filling and eliminating any deep lines between the mouth and nose, including nasolabial folds and marionette lines, or lines between eyebrows. This product is safe and biocompatible, and its impressive results last up to a year. This naturally hydrating and uplifting filler can help patients achieve their desired look.   


This product is made up of phosphate buffer saline and 20mg/ml of hyaluronic acid.

Ingredient Information

Hyaluronic acid is an important compound that keeps the skin hydrated and volumized. Its ability to draw water molecules at a rate of 1,000 its own weight makes it highly effective in retaining moisture. Naturally produced in the body, this sugar molecule helps to support collagen and elastin synthesis.

When the body undergoes the process of aging, it begins to lose fat, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. The loss of these substances makes the skin sag and causes some facial features such as the cheeks to hollow out. As a nonsurgical option for fat transfer, this dermal filler supplements the body’s amount of hyaluronic acid with specially formulated hyaluronic acid that is made with Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA) Technology.  The gel is delivered into the deep layer of the skin to fill the sunken areas and make the skin appear plumper and smoother.

Additionally, this filler’s viscoelasticity allows for an easier molding process. This soft tissue filler, when implanted, conforms to the contour and shape of the neighboring facial features. The NASHA technology of Restylane SubQ also helps to maintain the durability of the filler’s hyaluronic acid in the skin so that the results last as long as a year.

Use Instructions

How Do I Use or Apply Restylane SubQ 2ml?

Due to its role as a volumizer, treatment with Restylane SubQ 2ml should only be carried out by doctors, plastic surgeons, and medical estheticians that are well trained. Before proceeding, advise the patient on the filler’s precautions, indications, warnings, and expected results before getting the patient’s consent for treatment. After the patient has consented to treatment, prepare the area(s) to be treated by thoroughly cleansing and disinfecting the area(s) to avoid any potential infection.

Although the injection of this product is quick and comfortable, patients’ reactions to this injection may vary. Use 0.5% lidocaine administered via epinephrine injections, regional nerve blocks, or pain killers to make this treatment a smooth and comfortable session for the patient.

Prepare the syringe by fitting the needle or cannula into the Luer lock grip of the syringe. Advance the needle to the targeted site(s). Inject this filler the subcutaneous fatty tissue or supraperiosteal tissue to shape the relevant area(s). The injection should be done with slow, even pressure while pulling the needle backwards.

After the injection, massage the treated area(s) to ensure even distribution of the implanted Restylane SubQ material.                                                                                                                                                 

When Should I Use Restylane SubQ 2ml?

This European Council (EC)-approved product is best for patients who want to improve their facial contours or add volume to their face.  It can also be used on patients who want to have deep lines on their face rectified.  

What Areas Can I Treat with Restylane SubQ 2ml?

This volumizing gel can fill in the cheeks, chin, and jawline to create a natural-looking lift effect. It can also fill in deep and pronounced wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

How Long Does Restylane SubQ 2ml Last?

With its thick and dense gel and use of NASHA Technology, this dermal filler can last from nine to 12 months. However, should these effects show signs of fading, you may schedule retreatment, which uses a smaller amount of this filler than the initial treatment session.  

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Depending on the area treated, each session should take on average 20 to 60 minutes. As treatment with Restylane SubQ is also known as a “lunchtime procedure,” its results immediately become clear after the treatment session. However, the maximum benefits of this filler are visible six weeks after the initial injection.

Advise the patients to avoid performing any hard or strenuous work or applying heavy contact onto the treated area(s) for at least 48 hours after the treatment session. Patients should also avoid any prolonged exposure to the sun or extreme temperatures for up to a week after the treatment session.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Order Restylane SubQ 2ml For My Medical Spa?

Get the best online wholesale pricing for Restylane SubQ 2ml from Medical Spa RX. Order online or simply call our friendly customer service associates to take advantage of our convenient and quick ordering process. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering you genuine dermal fillers and medical supplies from popular brands worldwide.

Why Should I Order Restylane SubQ 2ml?

Doctors, licensed estheticians, and dermatologists should provide this treatment as an alternative treatment to fat transfers. This product can help to contour your patients’ facial features, treat deep lines, or add volume to sunken areas.

Who Would Be Interested in Buying This Treatment at My Medical Spa?

Patients interested in replacing lost facial volume, having their facial contours redefined, or having their deep lines corrected will be interested in this soft tissue filler.

What Side Effects Can Restylane SubQ 2ml Cause?

Although this cosmetic injectable is safe, potential side effects may occur. These side effects may include swelling, itching, discoloration, and bruising at the injection site(s). These side effects should resolve within 48 hours to two weeks.

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