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Where can I order PLURYAL® VOLUME for my medical spa?

PLURYAL® VOLUME is a dermal filler for restoring volume to the face or hands. You can purchase PLURYAL® VOLUME online from or you can phone our friendly customer service associates to place your order. When you buy wholesale PLURYAL® VOLUME from Medical Spa RX, you can help your clients restore volume to their aging skin or reshape their features without plastic surgery.

Who would be interested in buying PLURYAL® VOLUME treatments at my medical spa?

Your younger and your older clients would be interested in buying PLURYAL® VOLUME treatments at your medical spa. Your older clients may want to restore volume to areas like their hands, which have exposed bones because of their thinning skin; their lips, which have become thin with age; or their cheeks, which have become hollow and sagging or covered with deep wrinkles thanks to aging. This volume loss can also be from sun exposure, tobacco use, or pollution exposure over the years. Your younger clients may want to reshape areas like their nose, chin, or jaw without the use of plastic surgery, or they may want to boost their cheeks or lips for a more plump look.


You should inject PLURYAL® VOLUME into the deep dermis, subcutaneously, or supraperiosteally. The hyaluronic acid holds moisture within the body, and this moisture adds volume to the area. This can support the skin and change the shape of a particular area of the face. Using volume fillers can help adjust the shape of areas like the nose without surgical rhinoplasty.

When should I use PLURYAL® VOLUME?

You should use PLURYAL® VOLUME when you need to add a large amount of volume to an area of the face, lips, or hands. The results should be immediately visible and last for about twelve to sixteen months, so your client should return to your medical spa for another treatment about every year. The filler may not last as long in the lips so more frequent treatments would need to maintain lip plumpness.

What side effects can PLURYAL® VOLUME cause?

Possible PLURYAL® VOLUME side effects can include redness, discoloration, swelling, pain, pressure, and itching at the injection site. Other side effects could include lumps if the injection is too superficial or a weak filling effect if the injection is incorrect.

Why should I order PLURYAL® VOLUME for my medical spa?

PLURYAL® VOLUME fills areas such as the cheeks, chin, jawline, lips, or hands with a large amount of volume. You can purchase PLURYAL® VOLUME from to help your clients restore their face, lips, or hands to a youthful volume and reshape their nose or other areas without the use of plastic surgery.

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* Medical Spa RX offers only genuine PLURYAL® VOLUME that is manufactured by MD Skin Solutions Laboratories. All brands listed here including PLURYAL® VOLUME are the trademarks of their respective owners. Medical Spa RX is not operated by, supported by or affiliated with MD Skin Solutions Laboratories.