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About Hymovis

Fillmed is developed and manufactured by Filorga, a French aesthetic medicine laboratory founded in 1978. The highly popular brand consists of Fillmed M-HA 18, Fillmed NCTF 135 HA, Fillmed X-HA³, Fillmed X-HA VOLUME and Fillmed M-HA 10. Fillmed products are designed to replace the lost hyaluronic acid, helping to reestablish facial volume (to eradicate sagging skin) while at the same time smoothing out facial wrinkles. Some Fillmed products are infused with hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients (e.g., amino acids, vitamins etc.) to deliver skin rejuvenating benefits.

What do these products treat?

How do Fillmed products work?

Through the volumizing power of hyaluronic acid, Fillmed products effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Active ingredients like vitamins and amino acids help revitalize the skin for a younger looking appearance.

Why should Fillmed products be purchased?

Fillmed products are scientifically developed based on the most updated technologies. This contribute to their superior performance and safety.

Fillmed products are manufactured in compliance with stringent quality requirements. The manufacturing process of Fillmed is in line with strict international standards such as ISO 13485 and ISO 14644-1. All syringes have individually inspected and manually (and visually) assessed to ensure maximum security and quality standards.

Fillmed allows for tailored treatment for patients with different skin types, tones and aging grades. Doctors can buy Fillmed products to develop tailor-made protocols for enhanced precision and effectiveness.

Cost of Fillmed’s Products

Are Fillmed’s products safe?

Fillmed products are extremely safe and demonstrate excellent patient tolerability. The safety of Fillmed products has been extensively tested in multicentric, comparative clinical trials. While they may sometimes cause minor, transient injection site reactions, Fillmed products are not associated with serious side effects. To ensure patient safety, Fillmed should be used by a board-certified practitioner who has been suitably trained.

Is there downtime associated with Fillmed’s products?

Fillmed products are administered via a non-invasive injection. They tend to cause little-to-no downtime. Most injection site reactions (such as swelling, redness and bruising) associated with Fillmed are short-lived and self-limiting in nature.

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