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3 Ply Surgical Mask (20 Pieces)

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Buy Surgical Face Masks to prevent expelling germs, viruses and blood spatters to the environment. Help your patients prevent the transmission of harmful viral infections and place your order today.

What is a Surgical Face Mask?

Surgical face masks are loose-fitting masks designed to prevent the wearer from expelling bacteria, viruses, blood spatters, and other harmful biological microbes to the environment. These masks filter air for safe, comfortable respiration against chemicals and germs.
These masks are intended for medical professionals but are also good for home use. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CE- and ISO-certified.

What are the features of Surgical Face Mask?

Functions: Surgical masks filter and separate fine particles such as dust, microbes, droplets, air contaminants.
Quality: These masks are non-toxic, non-irritating, skin-friendly, moisture-proof, and fabric-based.
Leak rate: <=13%,<=10. Proven to effectively prevent wearer from expelling bacteria, germs, viruses, and blood spatters to the environment.
Inspiratory resistance: <=175 Pa and Expiratory resistance: <=145 Pa. Ensures maximum respiratory protection and safe, comfortable breathability.

How does this product work?

The inner layer retains moisture expelled by the wearer, while the outermost layer absorbs moisture from the environment.The middle layer is made up of melt-blown electrostatic micro filter that prevents pathogenic microorganisms and fine particles from passing through. This filters the air and prevents any infectious transmissions.

What are Surgical Face Masks made from?

Outer layer: non-woven fabric material
Middle layer: melt-blown electrostatic micro-filtration layer
Inner layer: ultra-fine soft fiber

Frequently Asked Questions

Replace Surgical Masks immediately if damp, and use masks for a maximum of eight hours only. Discard masks as soon as it is contaminated with blood and other bodily fluids.

Wash your hands thoroughly. Placing arms in sleeves, fully cover torso from neck to knees and arms to end of wrists Wrap gown around the back. Fasten gown at back of neck and waist To remove, unfasten the ties and pull the gown away from your body, touching only the inside. Turn the gown inside out and discard safely. Wash your hands.

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