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ZO OILACLEANSE™ Cleanser (Normal-Oily)

The origin of this product is Europe
Manufacturer ZO Skin Health, Inc
Active Substance(s) Salicylic acid, vitamin E
Pack Size 1-210ml tube
Accessories Package insert

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One 240ml tube, Package Insert

Main Benefits

Zo Oilacleanse Cleanser (Normal-Oily) works on the skin to bring it a range of benefits. It is able to remove the skin’s impurities and excess oils. It has antioxidants to protect and ingredients to reduce inflammation.


The main ingredients are salicylic acid and vitamin E.

Ingredients Information

Salicylic acid provides the exfoliating function. Vitamin E provides protection since it is an antioxidant.  

Use Instructions

How do I use Zo Oilacleanse Cleanser (Normal-Oily)?

should be used by moistening the hands with water and using a small amount of the cleanser to apply on the face. It should be lathered for a minute until the cleanser’s therapeutic beads are dissovled on the skin. The applied areas should then be rinse thoroughly with cool water.

When should I use Zo Oilacleanse Cleanser (Normal-Oily)?

This product is to be used twice daily, in the morning and at evening.

What areas can I treat with Zo Oilacleanse Cleanser (Normal-Oily)?

This product can be used on the face and neck.

How long does Zo Oilacleanse Cleanser (Normal-Oily) last?

The effects of this product lasts for as long as the patient uses it.  

How long does the treatment take?

Zo Oilacleanse Cleanser (Normal-Oily) does not take more than 5 minutes to be added to the face. Cleansing with this product should occur twice daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I order Zo Oilacleanse Cleanser (Normal-Oily) for my medical spa?

This product can be ordered on It can be ordered online or by email or even by fax. The process is quite easy with licensed practitioners choosing the quantity they would like to order for this cleanser and proceeding with the order.

Convenient shipping is provided regardless of your spa’s location around the world.  For more information, do feel free to get in touch with our representatives on

Why should I order Zo Oilacleanse Cleanser (Normal-Oily)?

Patients who are looking for a way to treat their skin and clean it from any impurities and oil would want this product.

It can be ordered on There’s a range of benefits for licensed practitioners who are looking to order this cleanser on It is offered in bulk to satisfy the requirements of patients anywhere. For more details, do refer to

Who would be interested in buying this treatment at my medical spa?

Zo Oilacleanse Cleanser (Normal-Oily) is great for patients who are looking to treat their oily skin condition as well as remove impurities from the skin.

This cleanser works on protecting the skin with antioxidants. It helps to reduce inflammation with the use of herbal ingredients. It works great to exfoliate the skin. It can also unclog pores as well as prepare the skin for other treatments.

What side effects can this product cause?

Zo Oilacleanse Cleanser (Normal-Oily) includes side effects like sun sensitivity, skin irritation and skin dryness.

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