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Teosyal® Puresense Redensity I - 1ML

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Buy Teosyal online

Teosyal range of rejuvenating products has been produced by Teoxane Laboratories which takes advantage of Swiss science excellence. Teosyal line is a winner of numerous awards having been recognized as the injectable product of the year, the best dermal filler, the best skin enhancement product, and many others. Currently, it’s one of the most sought fillers with fantastic efficacy and thousands of happy clients. Aestheticians hunt for this innovative product, but it’s important to find a good retailer that sells original products at affordable rates. Keep on reading, and you’ll find out how to buy Teosyal easily and for reasonable prices.

4 aspects to remember when you look for Teosyal online

About Teosyal

Teosyal Classic range was released in 2004 and the line has been constantly updated and improved for years. The state-of-art range includes dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid that helps to cope with rejuvenation concerns effectively. These injectables aim at treating wrinkles, certain areas with folds, and improving face volume and the quality of the skin.
The range of Teosyal dermal fillers is quite extensive and they differ from each other by gel density, unique properties, and the area of treatment.

What do these products treat?

Every Teosyal product is responsible for a specific area of treatment.
Teosyal RHA 1 is used to enhance the look of the face, neck, and decollete.
Teosyal RHA 2 treats moderate wrinkles on the face including glabella, forehead, and crow’s feet as well as used for lip contouring and enhancement.
Teosyal RHA 3 copes with deep wrinkles of nasolabial folds, vertical lip lines, creases, and deep lines, as well as cheek augmentation.
Teosyal RHA 4 is meant for providing volume in extended areas like cheeks and facial contours, while Teosyal RHA KISS is a leader in subtle dynamic lip reshaping. There are also several Teosyal products that deal with volume restoration only.

How does it work?

Teosyal gels are injected into the skin dermis where they alleviate the deficiency of the existing hyaluronic acid. The concentration of hyaluronic acid increases significantly, and it helps to combat the signs of aging since lost elements are replaced by new ones. It results in skin plumping and wrinkle elimination.

Are there side effects?

The majority of fillers have typical side effects, so you can see the signs of redness, swelling, tenderness, and bruising in the area of the injection too. However, these events are temporary and don’t last longer than several days.

Teosyal From Canada/USA: How Much Does It Cost?

The popularity and amazing effect of Teosyal products have encouraged beauty practitioners to use this filler more often. Now it’s one of the most widely used ranges not only in Europe but also in the countries of North America. But where can medical professionals get fillers of the Teosyal line in the US and Canada? A popular online store called Medical Spa RX can provide licensed healthcare and beauty experts with all necessary products.

Teosyal pack amount 1 to over 20 units — the price

There are 15 Teosyal products offered on Medicalsparx.com. Customers can order 1 pack or buy over 21 packs at reduced prices. Consider the following pricing policy for every Teosyal product below.

Teosyal Meso (2*1ml)

1 – 5 $89.00
6 – 10 $86.00
11 – 20 $84.00
21+ $83.00
Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines

1 – 5 $159.00
6 – 10 $154.00
11 – 20 $151.00
21+ $149.00
Teosyal Puresense GLobal Action

1 – 5 $159.00
6 – 10 $154.00
11 – 20 $151.00
21+ $149.00

1 – 5 $189.00
6 – 10 $184.00
11 – 20 $181.00
21+ $179.00
Teosyal PureSense Redensity I

1 – 5 $99.00
6 – 10 $94.00
11 – 20 $91.00
21+ $89.00
Teosyal Puresense Redensity II

1 – 5 $229.00
6 – 10 $219.00
11 – 20 $214.00
21+ $209.00

1 – 5 $179.00
6 – 10 $174.00
11 – 20 $171.00
21+ $169.00

1 – 5 $268.00
6 – 10 $258.00
11 – 20 $253.00
21+ $248.00

1 – 5 $199.00
6 – 10 $189.00
11 – 20 $184.00
21+ $179.00
Teosyal RHA1 (2*1ml)

1 – 5 $219.00
6 – 10 $209.00
11 – 20 $204.00
21+ $199.00
Teosyal RHA2 (2*1ml)

1 – 5 $249.00
6 – 10 $239.00
11 – 20 $234.00
21+ $229.00
Teosyal RHA3 (2*1ml)

1 – 5 $249.00
6 – 10 $239.00
11 – 20 $234.00
21+ $229.00
Teosyal RHA4 (2*1ml)

1 – 5 $279.00
6 – 10 $269.00
11 – 20 $264.00
21+ $259.00

1 – 5 $269.00
6 – 10 $259.00
11 – 20 $254.00
21+ $249.00
Teosyal Ultra Deep (2*1ml)

1 – 5 $189.00
6 – 10 $184.00
11 – 20 $181.00
21+ $179.00

Why Here Is the Best Place to Shop For Teosyal Online

Medical Spa RX is a trusted leader among suppliers of cosmetic and medical injectables, so now you can forget about time-consuming searches of where to buy Teosyal. Here you can find products of the whole Teosyal range no matter whether you need only one pack or you’re ready to buy Teosyal kit. If you still doubt whether Medical Spa RX is a good place to buy medical products, consider the following facts about the store:

  • Convenience of making purchases: you can order by phone or via a personal account;
  • Premium medical and cosmetic products directly from manufacturers;
  • Competitive retail and wholesale prices;
  • Several product categories;
  • A constant expansion of the product line;
  • Free shipping for orders over $500;
  • Years of experience in selling medical and beauty goods.

Teosyal Wholesale Suppliers USA

Medical Spa RX doesn’t deal with Teosyal wholesale, but it doesn’t mean that customers are restricted to the number of products they can buy. Our store is ready to complete any order no matter whether you buy only one Teosyal pack or you’ll need 20 and more units of the same products.

Teosyal cost per unit in bulk 2022

Thanks to regular Teosyal supplies, Medical Spa RX can meet the expectations of all clients who look for a place where to buy Teosyal. Furthermore, customers who buy 5 and more packs can have a discount which will increase proportionally to the number of packs. The maximum price drop can reach 10% which is a rarity for any other Teosyal distributors.

Find Teosyal Online With License

Medical products can be sold only by licensed stores, and this is one of the reasons why you should prefer the Medical Spa RX store. This online service has been selling beauty and cosmetic products for over 10 years and it has all the necessary certifications to be eligible for doing that. If you want to get an original, sealed, and packed by manufacturer product, choose Medical Spa RX.

Can I buy Teosyal online?

Yes, you can. Open the licensed store called Medical Spa RX and make your order right now.

What are Teosyal license requirements?

Teosyal products can be injected only by physicians or licensed practitioners aware of the injection techniques and having enough experience in this sphere.

Is it legal to purchase drugs like Teosyal and fillers from overseas?

Yes, it is. But you should ensure the store is licensed and it meets the packaging requirements of distributor companies.

How do I get Teosyal as a provider?

You can make an order online by registering an account or call the store representatives. Remember about the necessity to confirm your practitioner license!

Can nurse practitioners purchase this product?

It’s possible if a nurse has completed an injection course and received a Teosyal license.

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