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CAREGEN is a Korean biotechnology company specialized in the development and production of biomimetic peptides which it uses in its own products and distributes to other brands. It has created over 600 functional peptides which it supplies to pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic companies in 130 countries.

CAREGEN is well-known for brands such as DR. CYJ HAIR FILLER and AQUASHINE, but it also produces other anti-hair loss, anti-ageing, and anti-inflammation solutions. Medical professionals purchase CAREGEN products to give their patients access to the most innovative health and beauty products.

What Are CAREGEN Products Used For?

CAREGEN product is based on biomimetic compounds which are exceptionally well-tolerated by the body, creating a natural, more subtle effect regardless of the application area. CAREGEN products are used to treat hair and sin problems, and they include dermal fillers, lipolytic products, mesotherapy, anti-hair loss, anti-ageing, and anti-pigmentation solutions. 

What Is This Brand’s Most Popular Product?

One of the most popular CAREGEN brands is DR. CYJ HAIR FILLER. It is the first hair filler of its kind, used to treat non-cicatricial alopecia, hair thinning, and scalp damage. The product has a gel formulation that allows for effective but comfortable injection. It’s based on biomimetic compounds, including hyaluronic acid and seven different peptides:

  • Decapeptide – 28
  • Decapeptide – 18
  • Decapeptide – 10
  • Oligopeptide – 71
  • Oligopeptide – 54
  • Octapeptide – 2
  • Octapeptide – 11

CYJ HAIR FILLER lasts for six to twelve months, requiring repeated treatments. It naturally improves hair and scalp health with sustained release over 14 days of injection.

DR. CYJ HAIR FILLER  Administration Technique

CYJ HAIR FILLER is injected into the the scalp after determining the area where it could  yield the best results. The scalp should be cleansed before administration with a thin 30 to 32 gauge cannula. The frequency of the treatment should be determined by individual patient’s needs.

Product Range

CAREGEN has a wide range of pharmaceutical and aesthetic medicine products, including the following brands:

  • DR. CYJ HAIR FILLER – An innovative injectable product for treating hair loss, thinning, and scalp damage. 
  • AQUASHINE – A dermal filler with a wide spectrum of peptides and hyaluronic acid.
  • DERMAHEAL – A range of leading-edge lypolitic, anti-hair loss, anti-ageing, anti-pigmentation, and skin restoration injectables.
  • REVOFIL – New-generation revitalizing dermal fillers for face and tissue remodeling. 
  • RENOKIN – A hair care product collection focusing on preventing hair loss and improving hair quality.

Medical professionals specializing in aesthetic medicine often shop for CAREGEN wholesale to offer their patients access to peptide-based technology directly from one of the world’s leading peptide producers and researchers. Buying the products wholesale allows the medical offices to keep the product as affordable as possible to their patients. 


As all ingredients in CAREGEN’s hair filler are naturally occurring in the body, the reaction ot the filler is mostly mild and resolved on its owned. However, practitioners should always caution the patients in cases of hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the ingredients.

The potential side effects of DR. CYJ HAIR FILLER generally occur immediately after treatment and improve in the next 72 hours. They include:

  • Erythema
  • Swelling
  • Hematomas
  • Itching
  • Mild pain

DR. CYJ HAIR FILLER vs. Competition

The CAREGEN product is a unique hair filler and the first injectable anti-hair loss gel in the world. It has it own therapeutic benefits which are not equivalent to other hair-strengthening treatments, however, tit can be combined with other treatment methods:

  • DR. CYJ HAIR FILLER vs. PRP therapy – Both treatments are exceptionally safe as DR. CYJ HAIR FILLER uses biomimetic compounds, and PRP uses platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s own blood. Medical practitioners should recommend the treatment type depending on the patient’s needs and condition.  

Where Can I Buy These Products?

CAREGEN product should only be administered by licensed medical professionals and obtained from reputable distributors that guarantee product safety and authenticity. If you are a licensed medical practitioner who wants to buy CAREGEN online, contact our agents for more information on how to acquire them.

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