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Where to purchase fat dissolving injections online

People who are suffering from obesity or those who want to shed body fat fast turn to liposuction surgeries to remove fat from specific areas of their body. However, liposuction brings with it significant risks and complications and may be costly too.

This is where lipotherapy comes in: patients are given less invasive options to lose unwanted fat and undergo a safer way of sculpting the face and body–all while revitalizing the skin. If lipotherapy or lipolysis is something you think you can offer your patients, here’s what you need to know.

About lipodissolve injections

People are always looking for ways to reduce body fat in various ways, may it be through exercise or diet. However, some areas with stubborn fat–such as the thighs, abdomen or arms–are much harder to slim down.

When liposuction is not an option and your patients are looking for a non-invasive way to get rid of body fat, you may offer them lipotherapy body sculpting. To do that, you need to order lipodissolve injections, which are for sale in online platforms like Medical Spa Rx.

What are body fat dissolving injections?

Lipodissolve injections are a popular non-surgical treatment for reducing localized fat deposits. The body sculpting procedure involves injecting a solution of enzymes and chemicals into the target area, which breaks down the fat cells. Lipodissolve can be used to treat areas of the body such as the chin, thighs, stomach, and arms, and are rather used to get rid of small fat pockets.

A type of mesotherapy, lipodissolve injections are typically distributed into the deep dermal area through very fine needles. This means that the procedure is much less invasive than traditional liposuction, and there is no recovery time or risk of complications associated with the process.

Take note that while patients are looking for instant results, they may need to wait anywhere between one to two weeks to see the difference. The full result of the application may be achieved between six and eight weeks.

Common areas for use

Lipodissolve injections work by breaking down fat cells. The fat cells are then flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system. Here’s where you can treat fat dissolving injections:

  • Double chin
  • Eye bags
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Buttocks

In most cases, body fat dissolving injections may be used to counter cellulitis and improve overall skin quality in almost any problem areas. There are fat burning injections for sale online. Medical practitioners who are licensed to carry out the procedure trust Medical Spa RX to get safe and authentic body fat dissolving injection kits online, anytime.

Common side effects

As with any other aesthetic procedure, undergoing lipolysis using fat dissolving injections incur side effects. They include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Discomfort

However, these minor side effects normally go away within a few days. If symptoms persist, it is recommended for patients to visit their trusted physician.

Lipodissolve injections for sale online

DIY fat-dissolving injections may now be purchased from online sources. But before you shop, you need to know that there’s a myriad of companies that offer lipotherapy injections. If you’re ready to shop for fat dissolving injections online, remember that there are two common types of injections you’ll come across on the web: deoxycholic acid and phosphatidylcholine.

Deoxycholic acid injections

Aqualyx is one of the most popular deoxycholic acid injections medical professionals can shop online. It is made of enzymes that are similar to those found in our liver and responsible for breaking out the fat.

Injections of deoxycholic acid are usually given over a series of treatments, spaced several weeks apart. They are a bit more painful than those made from plant extracts, with a downtime of seven to 14 days. The good news is, the effects of deoxycholic acid injections are longer lasting and may even be permanent if a healthy lifestyle is maintained.

Phosphatidylcholine injections

Another enzyme found in the body is phosphatidylcholine, commonly used in lip injections to naturally break down fat cells and inhibit lipogenesis. Among the most common brands out there, Lipostabil is trusted by many licensed medical practitioners for yielding prominent results to patients.

Lipostabil is generally safe and effective, but it can cause side effects in some people such as swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection site. These side effects will subside on its own within days.

Where to shop for body fat dissolving injections online

If you’re wondering where to shop for fat dissolving injections, you may find them at Medical Spa Rx. you not only get high-quality body sculpting lipodissolve injections; you may also order them at below-market prices. Through our website, you may get fat burning products from trusted names such as Hyacorp, Alidya, and Aqualyx.

How much does lipodissolve cost?

Lipodissolve body sculpting products available at Medical Spa RX cost anywhere between $139 and $599 per product kit. The price varies depending on the brand and quantity you’ll order. The more you order, the higher your cost savings.

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