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Do you help patients suffering from osteoarthritis (OA) and need a trusted pain relief product? Hyalgan is a proven treatment that helps patients who want to get rid or eliminate knee joint pain. How often it happens that patients fail to have an adequate response to conservative non-pharmacologic therapy treatment, and they live with a constant pain that spoils their life. Fortunately, multiple types of research have proved that hyaluronate is effective in relieving this kind of pain, and it’s currently widely used by doctors. It’s enough to make Hyalgan injectables directly into the knee joint, and it will gradually lead to its disappearance. Do you need Hyalgan to help patients return to full mobility? Learn where licensed practitioners can buy Hyalgan injectables online.

What to remember before you look for this product online

The first thing every doctor should keep in mind is that Hyalgan is a product, the use of which can lead to adverse occurrences or negative consequences if it’s used by patients with contraindications. Therefore, it’s important to learn more about this injection before giving it to everyone with osteoarthritis.

About Hyalgan

Hyalgan is a solution that has hyaluronate in its content. This substance is normally found in the fluid used for lubricating and cushioning the knee joint. This product is prescribed to patients who don’t get enough relief from other painkillers, and it can be used in addition to other pain relievers.

What do these products treat?

The main problem Hyalgan helps to cope with is osteoarthritis. It’s a common problem when the knee joint becomes stiff and painful. It causes the smooth cartilage that gets thinner in more severe cases and leads to bones rubbing against each other. It often causes pain when you move, so it’s necessary to restore natural lubricating and cushioning fluid.

How does it work?

Hyalgan is injected into the knee joint with the goal to restore the amount of fluid needed for lubrication and cushioning. This is a 5-injection regiment given in a week, and the relief is possible after a full course. Some patients admit the disappearance of pain after 3 injections already. The solution can help to forget about the pain for up to 6 months.

Are there side effects?

Hyalgan may cause some unpleasant side effects in addition to traditional injection site reactions. Apart from redness, swelling, bruising, stiffness, and other problems at the site of injection, a patient can also have a headache, nausea, stomach and back pain, numbness or tingly feeling, symptoms of the cold, itching and skin irritation, feeling tired, etc.

Sourcing From Canada/USA: How Much Does It Cost?

Hyalgan is produced in the USA by Fidia Pharmaceuticals, so it can be easily purchased from a retailer dealing with these products. Every pack includes 5 injections, and 2ml of the solution contains 20 mg of sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. It’s reasonably priced, so it won’t influence the patient’s budget significantly.

Why Is here the Best Place For Shopping Online

It used to be a challenge to find out where to source Hyalgan online until a reliable and trustworthy web store called Medical Spa RX was launched. It offers health care providers original products directly from manufacturers, so they can acquire Hyalgan kit making a couple of clicks or taps only. If you still haven’t turned to this store, consider the following reasons why you should do that!

  • An extensive range of clients who make regular orders;
  • Orders over $500 are delivered at no cost;
  • Years of expertise in selling beauty and cosmetic products;
  • A constant update of the product selection;
  • Ease of order placing: by phone and through an account;
  • Possibility to purchase several packs per one purchase;
  • Discounts for clients who purchase 5 and more packs.

Wholesale Suppliers USA

The majority of stores that sell these products don’t approve of wholesale orders. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase several Hyalgan packs immediately. Medical Spa RX doesn’t limit clients in the number of packs they want to purchase. It’s possible to purchase the whole supply available in the store if needed.

Cost per unit in bulk 2022

Medical Spa RX can’t guarantee constant Hyalgan supplies since it mainly depends on the manufacturer. However, if you look for a place where to buy Hyalgan, remember that the more packs you add in one order request, the lower cost per unit you’ll get. Unlike other Hyalgan distributors, Medical Spa RX reduces the cost of every pack if you purchase between 5 and 10 packs, while ordering over 21 packs at once, the discount can reach 10%.

Source Hyalgan online with license

Medical Spa RX understands that these products should be sold only to health care professionals who know well how to use them for clients’ benefit. Therefore, the site doesn’t accept any orders before a medical practitioner confirms his eligibility for treating patients. Moreover, this store understands that doctors and medical workers also need to ensure that they purchase original products from a licensed store, so Medical Spa RX has received approval from the authorized bodies to sell cosmetic and beauty products online.


Can I order this product online?

Yes, you can order Hyalgan online from an official distributor of the company such as Medical Spa RX.

What are the license requirements?

Hyalgan injections can be made only by physicians who have analyzed full prescription information including indications, contraindications, safety warnings, precautions, and adverse occurrences and have enough injecting experience.

Is it legal to purchase products like this from overseas?

Yes, it is. The majority of manufacturers have their distributors on several continents, so medical products are shipped worldwide. The only thing to check is proper storage conditions and approval by a manufacturer pack.

How do I acquire this product as a provider?

Any client can place an order in Medical Spa RX in two simple ways: contacting the customer support team by phone or creating an account on the site.

Can nurse practitioners purchase this product?

If a nurse has received a license that allows her to make Hyalgan treatments, she can purchase this solution too.

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