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Buy eyelash enhancers from Medical Spa RX and enjoy fast shipping and friendly service. You benefit from a low wholesale price on all the brand name eyelash enhancers you know and trust. Not only that, we are always expanding our product inventory, introducing you to new eyelash enhancer products and popular European brands. Enjoy the convenience of shopping for all your medical spa supplies in one location.

Some are born with long, beautiful eyelashes, but some are not. This latter group includes people who have hypotrichosis, which is sparse hair or hair loss. The only options used to be applying false eyelashes or living with short, sparse, light lashes. There is another option, however, in the form of eyelash growth treatments. These products help eyelashes and eyebrows grow longer, thicker, and darker, making them more full and noticeable, even without the use of mascara. Eyelash enhancer products help clients grow their own, natural lashes, avoiding the hassle and irritation of false eyelashes.

Researchers discovered one of the earliest eyelash enhancers, Latisse, while developing a treatment for the eye disease glaucoma. As a side effect of using the bimatoprost eye drops, the patients were growing longer and thicker lashes. The researchers soon realized the drug’s potential to become a popular cosmetic treatment. Scientists believe Latisse acts as a prostaglandin substitute, binding to receptors in hair. The bimatoprost solution seems to help protect the eyelash hairs as they grow longer, helping reduce loss and damage. This results in longer, thicker, darker lashes. Clients apply the solution to their eyelash line at home daily to build up then maintain their thick lashes.

A similar product, Jalupro Enhancer Gel, can also enhance the look of eyelashes and eyebrows. This gel contains peptides to help stimulate protein and collagen cells, which are responsible for hair growth, and isoflavones from red clover extract, which act as antioxidants to help protect the lashes from damage. Clients apply this product at home daily, with an applicator similar to a mascara brush, to help build up and maintain the look of their lashes. Their lashes can gradually grow longer, stronger, and thicker for a more full lash appearance. The gel also works on eyebrows, helping clients improve the look of naturally sparse or over-tweezed brows.

As eyelash enhancers help grow long, thick, dark, full lashes, they can create a frame for your client’s beautiful eyes. This can help complete their look after dermal filler injections, chemical peels, or other aesthetic treatments that improve their skin. Eyes are one of the most noticeable facial features, and they deserve a bold look.

Some people are happy to use false eyelashes, but others would prefer to wake up with their own natural lashes, only longer, thicker, and darker. Eyelash enhancer products help clients achieve this goal. These are products your clients use at home, so they make great upsells for your medical spa. When your client comes in for another cosmetic treatment, they can take home an at-home eyelash treatment to help improve their look daily on their own time.

Eyelash enhancers can help your clients grow their eyelashes and eyebrows longer, thicker, and darker, and they make a great take-home product for any medical spa. Buy eyelash enhancer products from Medical Spa RX to offer your clients the benefits of an at-home treatment, for less. Choose your eyelash enhancer now from the selection of top brands.

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