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    Disclaimer: Rainbow threads can only be sold to certified aesthetic doctors or special clinics: these products are intended for professional use only.

    What is Rainbow?

    Rainbow Threads is a brand created by Oreon Life Science, a South Korean company specializing in medical aesthetics. This company is a leading manufacturer of medical aesthetic products, with a strong reputation in the industry. The company’s focus on innovation and quality has earned them a loyal customer base and numerous awards.

    The product is made from biodegradable, absorbable threads that stimulate fibroblast and collagen, producing natural skin tightening. As a Rainbow wholesaler, Medical Spa RX offers the most popular products in the Rainbow Threads line at highly competitive prices. These include 3D COG, Gold Embossing Mono, and PCLA threads.

    Rainbow pricing varies depending on the product type and the number of units included in each package. The prices range from $75 to $190. Medical Spa RX offers free shipping on select products and the possibility to do group orders.

    How Does Rainbow Work?

    Rainbow Threads stimulate collagen production and provide a lifting effect on the skin. The threads are available in three materials: Polydioxanone (PDO), Poly L-lactic Acid (PLA), and Poly L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone (PCLA).

    These are biocompatible and absorbable materials commonly used in surgical sutures. When inserted into the skin using a thin needle, the threads create a structure that supports the tissues and provides a lifting effect.

    As the body absorbs the threads, they stimulate the production of collagen. This protein provides structure and elasticity to the skin. This process improves the overall texture and appearance of the skin, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

    The Rainbow’s manufacturer specifically created these threads for non-surgical face and body lifting procedures: meaning they can treat sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines while still providing natural-looking results, without the patient undergoing traditional surgical procedures. This procedure typically requires little downtime and can be performed in a clinical setting without general anesthesia.

    How to Use Rainbow?

    The Rainbow Threads procedure involves inserting the threads into the skin using a thin needle, then gently pulling the threads to create a lifting effect.
    The first step is the consultation, during which the patient needs to be informed about the procedure. The medical personnel at this stage explain the different types of Rainbow, then review the patient’s condition to determine which product will suit them best.
    Once the patient is ready, a local anesthetic must be applied to the area to be treated. Meanwhile, the medical practitioner prepares the Rainbow Threads for insertion. Depending on the treated area and the patient’s goals, the exact number and placement of the threads will be adjusted accordingly.
    After the insertion, the threads must be gently pulled to create their lifting effect; this also helps support the tissue.

    How Long Does Rainbow Last?

    Depending on the person’s age, skin condition, and the type of threads used for the procedure, the duration of rainbow thread results may vary.

    Generally, patients can expect Rainbow to last from 12 to 18 months.

    Is Rainbow Safe?

    Rainbow Threads are considered safe when used by trained and licensed medical professionals. PDO threads have been used safely in medical procedures for decades; the Rainbow ingredients are well-tolerated by the body.
    To minimize the risk of complications, it is vital to have Rainbow Threads administered by a licensed and experienced medical professional trained in the procedure. Potential risks and benefits of any medical procedure should be discussed with a qualified medical professional, and any relevant medical history and medications should be disclosed.

    Rainbow Benefits and Side Effects

    There are several benefits and effects of using Rainbow, but the main effects the patients can expect are:

    • Collagen stimulation: Rainbow stimulates collagen production in the skin, improving the skin’s overall texture and appearance.
    • Lifting effect: The threads create a structure that supports the tissues and provides a lifting effect, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated look.
    • Non-surgical: Rainbow Threads provide a non-surgical alternative to traditional facelift procedures, with less downtime and a lower risk of complications.

    Like any medical procedure involving injections, Rainbow can cause certain side effects. These include:

    • Bruising, swelling, or discomfort at the insertion site are common side effects that usually resolve within a few days to a week.
    • In rare cases, Rainbow Threads can cause infection or inflammation. Following proper aftercare instructions and keeping the insertion site clean and dry can minimize these side effects.
    • Allergic reaction to the thread material: Some people may be allergic to the thread material, which can cause itching, redness, or a rash. This rare side effect can be managed with medication or by removing the threads.
    • Migration or misplacement of the threads: In rare cases, the threads may migrate or become misplaced, resulting in an uneven or unsatisfactory result.
    • In rare cases, Rainbow Threads can cause nerve damage or injury to underlying structures, resulting in numbness, tingling, or more severe complications.

    Before buying Rainbow Threads online, it is important to remember that the associated side effects may vary depending on the individual’s health, skin condition, and other factors.

    Rainbow Aftercare

    Aftercare following a Rainbow Threads procedure is essential in minimizing the risk of complications and ensuring optimal results. Here are some general guidelines for Rainbow Threads aftercare:

    • Avoid touching or rubbing the treated area for at least 24 hours following the procedure. This helps minimize the risk of infection and prevent the threads from dislodging.
    • Apply cold compresses to the treated area as needed to reduce swelling and bruising. Use a clean cloth or ice pack wrapped in a towel and apply for 10–15 minutes.
    • Avoid strenuous activity, exercise, and heavy lifting for at least 24–48 hours following the procedure. This will minimize the risk of the threads becoming displaced or causing complications.
    • Keep the treated area clean and dry. Avoid using creams, lotions, or makeup on the area for at least 24 hours following the procedure.
    • Sleep on your back with your head elevated for at least two nights following the procedure. Again, this is to prevent the displacement of the threads.
    • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, tanning beds, and extreme temperatures for at least 24 hours following the procedure. Wear sunscreen and protective clothing if you must be outdoors.

    Your Rainbow supplier will also notify you about additional aftercare your patients need to be aware of. Still, the guidelines mentioned above cover most of the cases.

    What Is Rainbow Made of?

    Rainbow Threads are made of a synthetic material called Polydioxanone (PDO), a biocompatible and absorbable suture material. PDO has been used safely in medical procedures for many years and is commonly used in cardiovascular and ophthalmic surgeries.
    The material is known for its strength, durability, and biocompatibility, making it an ideal material for use in non-surgical face and body lifting procedures. The Rainbow Threads are designed to be placed under the skin to provide structural support, lift and tighten sagging skin, and stimulate collagen production.
    The threads dissolve naturally within 6 to 8 months, leaving behind new collagen and improved skin texture. So, whether you buy Rainbow online or locally, you can rest assured that the product is safe and doesn’t require additional procedures to remove the threads.

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