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    Are you looking for innovative fillers that offer great results? Sculptra is one of the most popular injectable cosmetic fillers that develop results gradually, guarantee a completely natural look, and have a long-lasting effect. It’s a perfect choice to get a more youthful appearance and get rid of deep lines, creases, and folds. Sculptra is one of the most effective rejuvenating fillers known all around the globe, and now there’s no need to look for it anywhere. Medical Spa RX offers the best Sculptra products available at the click of a button, so learn more about it now and how to order them per unit and in bulk.

    What To Remember Before You Order Sculptra Online

    There are lots of reasons to prefer Sculptra to other products. Firstly, you get a comprehensive rejuvenation since a filler works in the underlying scaffolding and provides a thorough coverage. The effect lasts up to 2 years, and there’s no risk of an allergic reaction. Unlike the majority of other fillers that enhance a face, Sculptra can be used to reverse the signs of aging on the buttocks too. Are you ready to make an order already? This isn’t everything to keep in mind about Sculptra, so learn a little more about its products!

    About Sculptra

    Sculptura is a product of Galderma Laboratories approved by the FDA in 2004. It differs from other fillers since it doesn’t contain hyaluronic acid, but there’s a collagen stimulator that repairs the underlying skin structure. It adds fullness to the face and eliminates the appearance of mid to deep wrinkles. The main peculiarity of Sculptra is its content since there is poly-L-lactic acid, a biocompatible synthetic substance, that is suitable for allergic people and can treat deep wrinkles. Therefore, it’s an innovative product that is highly appreciated by beauty professionals and is in a great demand.

    What do these products treat?

    Sculptra is a universal product that can be used in the treatment of different areas including:

    • Temple;
    • Cheeks;
    • Cheekbones;
    • Fold to crease;
    • The area around mouth corners;
    • Chin;
    • Buttocks.

    How does it work?

    Sculptra is an injectable filler with a long-lasting effect. It’s injected deep into the skin that has lost its volume. When it appears there, Sculptra replenishes a person’s own collagen and stimulates its production by the body. By doing so it removes visible lines, wrinkles, and folds and makes this anti-aging approach durable.

    Are there side effects?

    When you use Sculptra, side effects are not common but they still may take place during and after treatment. Patients may face the appearance of small bumps under the skin where the treatment was performed as well as see cases of bleeding, swelling, bruising, redness, and discomfort. These side effects last only a couple of days, but bumps that appear under the skin may happen within 6 to 12 months after treatment and will go away on their own in some time too.

    Sculptra From Canada/USA: How Much Does It Cost?

    Being a truly innovative product, the price for this synthetic hypoallergic filler is quite biting. However, by buying on Medical Spa RX you can save not only on the cost of every unit purchased but also on wholesale orders.

    Sculptra pack amount 1 unit — online price

    Medical Spa RX offers the most popular and effective Sculptra product with microparticle beads of poly-L-lactic acid. When you buy 1 to 5 packs from the site, you can get 2 vials of the product with the strength of 150 ml/mg for $549.

    Sculptra pack amount 2 and more units — online price

    Aesthetics experts who have tried Scupltra and appreciated its effectiveness and durability understand that they need a constant presence of this product and make bulk orders. In fact, it’s a great chance to save if you buy in the Medical Spa RX store since purchases of over 5 units reduce the cost of each pack.
    6 – 10 packs – $539
    11 – 20 packs – $534
    21+ packs – $529

    Why Medical Spa RX Is The Best Place To Shop For Sculptra Online

    Licensed medical professionals who need a reliable supplier of original fillers often face a problem where to buy Sculptra. The highest quality of the filler and a quite impressive price don’t allow risking not only money but also patients’ beauty, so experienced beauty masters choose Medical Spa RX for this responsible bargain. Why is this site the best to buy Sculptra kit?
    Medical Spa RX offers the convenience and affordability in buying cosmetic and medical injectables. The company has many years of experience and a global supply network that allows delivery of only original Sculptra products with the best prices in the market. Customers may order any number of products online and get them as fast as possible with free shipping!

    Sculptra wholesale suppliers USA

    Being a product of Europe, cosmetologists and aesthetics experts working in the USA may face difficulties with getting Sculptra fillers for their clients. However, with Medical Spa RX, they can forget about this problem since the company is an official retailer that is in a constant connection with the manufacturer to deliver clients original and properly packed products at wholesale prices in spite of their location.

    Sculptra cost per unit wholesale 2022

    Since you already know where to buy Sculptra it’s time to find out how to save on purchases from Sculptra distributors. Medical Spa RX has large Sculptra supplies that allow meeting the expectations of clients who make bulk purchases. And medical workers who make wholesale orders can expect not only to get a desired number of packs but also to save on the cost per unit. The difference between the retail and wholesome price per each pack may differ by 5%, so only imagine how much you can save ordering over 21 packs with a discount of $20 on each unit – the discount may reach over $400.

    Find Sculptra Online With License

    It’s important to mention that only licensed medical and cosmetic professionals can make Sculptra purchases in the Medical Spa RX store. If you can confirm your expertise with a license, register an account or call website customer support to get approval for making orders. As soon as you receive one, you can place an order!

    Can I buy Sculptra online?

    Yes, you can. Medical Spa RX offers the most popular Sculptra filler for sale.

    What are Sculptra license requirements?

    A professional who wants to complete a Sculptra license course should have at least 1 year of continuous injection experience and 6 months of performing injectable procedures.

    Is it legal to purchase drugs like Sculptra and fillers from overseas?

    Yes, it is. Since Medical Spa RX guarantees a special package of every product that is close to the manufacturer’s one, the order is delivered at any distance without any detrimental effect for a filler.

    How do I get Sculptra as a provider?

    If you want to make an order, you should prove your eligibility to use Sculptra products by uploading the license and then either create an account or contact a website representative to complete it.

    Can nurse practitioners order Sculptra?

    Yes, but only if these are licensed nurse practitioners.

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