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About Euflexxa

Euflexxa is an orthopedic injectable viscosupplement gel that is used to minimize pain and
swelling in the joints for people who are suffering from osteoarthritis. The product contains
sodium hyaluronate. Active components are sodium hyaluronate, sodium chloride, disodium
hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, dihydrogen phosphate dehydrate, and water.
Euflexxa is a product of Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

What is Euflexxa for?

Euflexxa is to be injected in between joints affected by osteoarthritis. The gel coats the end of
the bones and forms a protective layer of hyaluronic acid that will allow the bones to glide more
smoothly against one another. This layer cushions and reduces friction in the joint, which then
reduces pain and swelling. This then effectively increases the mobility of the patient.

How to use Euflexxa Products?

Euflexxa is an injectable implant that is placed in between the patient’s joints. Proper injection
and placement of the gel is important in order for the product to be successful in minimizing the
patient’s joint pain ans stiffness. This product should only be injected by trained and licensed
medical professionals in order to avoid any unintended complications.
A total of 3 injections every week for 3 weeks is usually needed for best results. Take note that
Euflexxa can only be obtained with a prescription and should only be administered by a certified
medical practitioner.

How long does Euflexxa last?

After completing the recommended treatment course of 3 injections per week for 3 weeks, the
patient should expect up to 6 months of reduced pain and increased mobility in the affected
joint. Results may vary depending on other factors such as the severity of the patient’s
osteoarthritis or the patient’s level of activity.

Are Euflexxa Products Safe?

Euflexxa is created through controlled bacterial fermentation. Since hyaluronic acid naturally
occurs in the human body in the form of synovial fluid, there should only be a minimal risk for
allergic reactions.
Common side effects may include
● Pain and swelling at the site of injection
● Muscle pain
● Back pain
● Increase in blood pressure
● Nausea
If symptoms worsen or persist, patients are advised to contact their physician.

Are there any contraindications associated with Euflexxa Products?

Patients who are allergic or hypersensitive to any of the components should avoid using this
product, otherwise they may experience a negative reaction.
Please also note that the safety of this implant has not been determined for
● Patients below 18 years of age
● Pregnant women
● Lactating women

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