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NEURAMIS® VOLUME with Lidocaine


NEURAMIS® is a leading hyaluronic acid dermal filler designed to improve facial features, smooth wrinkles, and restore skin volume. Medical professionals looking to order NEURAMIS® will get a product with S.H.A.P.E. technology for better elasticity and longer-lasting results.

NEURAMIS® products use the power of their monophasic and biphasic HA compositions to correct facial wrinkles and folds. These fillers work well for both fine lines and deep wrinkles, also boosting skin hydration and elasticity.

What Is NEURAMIS® Used For?

NEURAMIS® is a hyaluronic acid filler for soft tissue enhancement and non-surgical beauty treatments. It’s primarily used to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds. It also enhances lip volume and improves facial contouring.

The beauty of NEURAMIS®  products is in their versatility which extends to products used for correcting fine lines around the eyes, forehead, and mouth. Doctors can shop for NEURAMIS® online and use it in their practice for restoring volume in cheeks and chin as well as correcting wrinkles.

NEURAMIS® fillers are used not just for anti-aging but also for hydrating skin, enhancing elasticity, and improving texture.

How Long Does NEURAMIS® Last?

How long the NEURAMIS® dermal fillers last depends on various factors. The effects of NEURAMIS® typically last 3 to 12 months. This depends on the product used, the area treated, and individual patient factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and age. 

The fillers can last this long thanks to their ability to seamlessly integrate with the existing tissue. This promotes a natural and enduring aesthetic enhancement. 

Each NEURAMIS® product is tailored for specific uses and has varying durations. To get the product’s full potential, medical clinics should order NEURAMIS® online only from licensed suppliers.

NEURAMIS® Administration Techniques

Applying NEURAMIS® dermal fillers properly requires precision, expertise, and a deep understanding of facial anatomy. That’s why the procedure needs to be done by a medical professional.

There’s a variety of techniques doctors can use to get the optimal results, but key strategies include:

  • Linear threading – where the filler is injected along the length of the wrinkle or fold.
  • Serial puncture – involving multiple small injections at regular intervals.
  • Fan distribution – used to cover broader areas by injecting from a central point in multiple directions.

To get the maximum coverage, doctors can also use the cross-hatchet technique. It’s done by applying fillers with injections perpendicular to each other. 

Depending on the area that is being treated, different techniques may be applied. 

NEURAMIS® Product Range

Medical professionals who wish to purchase NEURAMIS® fillers should consider all the products available before the purchase. The NEURAMIS® line includes formulations designed for smoothing out fine lines, filling deeper wrinkles, and restoring volume to facial contours.

Each product uses the brand’s cross-linked hyaluronic acid, ensuring natural results and lasting effects.

The NEURAMIS® product line consists of:

  • NEURAMIS® Deep – a filler ideal for deep wrinkles and facial contours.
  • NEURAMIS® Volume – is perfect for restoring lost volume and sculpting facial features.
  • NEURAMIS® Light – a formulation for fine lines and delicate areas such as the lips and around the eyes. 
  • NEURAMIS® Lidocaine – an anesthetic designed for a more pleasant treatment experience.

NEURAMIS® Side Effects

Professionals looking to order NEURAMIS® online should be well-informed about the product’s safety profile alongside its aesthetic benefits. Like all dermal fillers, NEURAMIS® has some side effects that are usually mild and short-lived.

Common reactions at the injection site may include redness, swelling, pain, bruising, and tenderness. However, these symptoms generally resolve within a couple of days after the treatment.

More serious side effects rarely occur and they can include allergic reactions, granulomas, or vascular complications. The risk of reactions is minimal when an experienced practitioner who knows facial anatomy applies the filler.

NEURAMIS® vs Competition

Medical professionals who are looking to purchase NEURAMIS® are presented with a product that stands out in the competitive landscape of dermal fillers. Due to its advanced S.H.A.P.E. technology, these fillers offer a unique blend of safety, efficacy, and longevity. 

NEURAMIS® distinguishes itself from notable competitors like Juvederm®, which is known for its Vycross technology. Juvederm® fillers enhance longevity and provide versatile treatment options NEURAMIS® offers a monophasic, cross-linked hyaluronic acid structure. This ensures smoother injections and results that look and feel natural.

Another competitor on the market is Restylane® which offers a firmer gel for precise shaping and volume. While NEURAMIS® counters with a softer, more adaptable gel that integrates seamlessly with natural tissue.

Where Can I Buy NEURAMIS®?

Medical professionals and clinics aiming to shop for NEURAMIS® wholesale have several reputable options. The best place to search for these fillers is through authorized distributors and official company websites.

The product can also be found at specialized medical supply companies that cater to professional clinics’ needs.

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