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ELRAVIE® Premier Ultra Volume-L


ELRAVIE® is the very top of dermal filler technology, designed to enhance natural beauty with precision and safety. Crafted by Humedix Co. Ltd., ELRAVIE® stands as a testament to innovation, utilizing advanced HI (High molecular Ideal Reticulated Matrix) Technology to redefine facial rejuvenation. After buying ELRAVIE® online, your clients will get high-quality, non-animal origin hyaluronic acid (HA).

Unlock different possibilities thanks to ELRAVIE®.

What Is ELRAVIE® Used For?

ELRAVIE® represents a comprehensive solution for a myriad of cosmetic concerns. That is the power of advanced hyaluronic acid technology to redefine facial aesthetics.

Primarily, ELRAVIE® excels in volumetric face correction, seamlessly restoring lost volume and rejuvenating facial contours. Whether it’s diminishing the appearance of hollow areas or sculpting prominent features, ELRAVIE® delivers transformative results with precision and finesse.

ELRAVIE® specializes in deep skin fold correction too, effectively smoothing out pronounced wrinkles and creases for a more youthful complexion. It is useful for replenishing lost volume and promoting skin elasticity.

This product offers unparalleled chin and cheekbone modeling, allowing for subtle enhancements or dramatic transformations according to individual preferences.

Additionally, ELRAVIE® is used in lip augmentation, providing natural-looking volume and definition to enhance lip shape and symmetry.

Do you offer injection-based rhinoplasty to clients? If so, reshaping and refining nasal contours without the need for invasive surgery is possible with ELRAVIE®.

How Long Does ELRAVIE® Last?

ELRAVIE® is known for durability and longevity in the field of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, providing enduring results that redefine beauty standards.

You can tell your patients to anticipate an impressive duration of 9-12 months, during which the effects of the mls of filler remain consistently remarkable.

The advanced formulation of ELRAVIE® Premier Ultra Volume-L ensures sustained enhancement and satisfaction over an extended period. Through its innovative cross-linking technology and high molecular density per ml, ELRAVIE® maintains structural integrity within the skin.

Unlike traditional fillers that may dissipate within a few months, ELRAVIE® boasts a superior ability to retain volume and smoothness over time. Of course, individual factors certainly affect and your metabolism can even reduce the duration, but in general this is one of the longest-lasting non-surgical interventions.

ELRAVIE® Administration Technique

Utilizing subcutaneous injection, ELRAVIE® is delivered beneath the skin’s surface, targeting specific areas of concern with accuracy and finesse.

ELRAVIE®’s formulation is designed to maintain a stable filler structure, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions such as migration or lumpiness. This stability ensures that the filler remains precisely where it is intended, allowing for controlled augmentation and correction of facial contours.

You need advanced techniques and specialized equipment to further enhance patient comfort and ensure a smooth treatment process. However, if you are experienced, problems are very rare, and it is considered a safe intervention.

ELRAVIE® Side Effects

ELRAVIE® is safe, with a focus on minimizing common side effects to ensure a seamless recovery process for patients.

The advanced formulation of ELRAVIE® is designed to optimize biocompatibility, reducing the likelihood of adverse reactions such as swelling or redness. Yet, that is still possible.

Swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness are among the most common side effects associated with dermal filler injections. These side effects are negligible in most patients. A stable filler structure minimizes the risk of migration or lumpiness.

More severe problems are very rare, but if an allergic reaction or some other problem occurs, it is definitely necessary to react as soon as possible. So let your customers know to pay attention to any changes and let you know. Ignoring more serious side effects or persistent mild side effects is a sign that you should be contacted in order to solve the problem and avoid any complications.


Following treatment with ELRAVIE®, patients can expect a swift recovery process characterized by minimal downtime. This allows you clients to resume their daily activities with confidence, without prolonged interruptions. Nonetheless, they need to be careful and avoid activities than can negatively affect spreading of dermal fillers.

ELRAVIE® vs Competition

When selecting the ideal dermal filler, ELRAVIE® stands out as the premier choice. It offers unmatched quality and safety that surpasses traditional fillers.

With its advanced technology and innovative formulation, ELRAVIE® sets a new standard for excellence in facial rejuvenation. Unlike conventional fillers, ELRAVIE®’s advanced composition ensures long-lasting results.

We always encourage our partners to explore other options as well, just in case you find something that will suit a particular client’s needs even better.

Where Can I Buy ELRAVIE®?

Medical Spa RX proudly extends its services to facilitate your acquisition. Our expert team is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance to medical professionals seeking to integrate ELRAVIE® into practice.

Contact us to discover and buy ELRAVIE® wholesale. You will learn other pricing options and distribution details as well.

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