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What is Hymovis?

Hymovis is an orthopedic injectable that’s used to treat knee osteoarthritis. This condition causes severe joint pain and swelling that can lead to mobility problems. Hymovis addresses knee pain through viscosupplementation, where the product helps to cushion and reduce friction in the diseased joint to protect against future joint damage. Hymovis hydrogel is highly viscous and made without the use of chemical cross-linking agents. Hymovis is engineered to have biomechanical properties that are similar to healthy synovial fluid. This allows Hymovis to replicate and restore normal rheological conditions in the knee joint. Hymovis has been clinically tested to be more effective than other hyaluronic acid preparations. This results in longer-lasting and more effective outcomes. Hymovis can prevent further joint damage and reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. This product was approved by FDA in 2015 after being manufactured by Fidia, an Italian pharmaceutical company.

What products are the Hymovis brand products made up of?

  • • Hyaluronan

What can Hymovis treat?

Treatment of knee osteoarthritis pain for patients who have not received effective conservative treatments such as non-pharmacologic therapies or simple analgesics.

What is the life expectancy of these orthopedic injections?

Patients with knee osteoarthritis can receive pain relief for up to six months using Hymovis injections.

Are Hymovis products safe to use?

Hymovis injections can be considered safe because of their hypoallergenic nature and minimally invasive injection. Hymovis injections are safe because they don’t contain any cross-linking agents. Hymovis is also made from bacterial Hyaluronic Acid, which further enhances its safety and tolerance profile. This product is not recommended for all patient groups. Hymovis should be avoided by patients allergic to hyaluronate or Gram-positive bacteria proteins. Patients with active injections or skin conditions that affect the treatment area or joint should also avoid using Hymovis. This treatment should not be administered to pregnant women, nursing mothers, and patients under 18 years old.
Information is not complete and does not include all information regarding safety and contraindications. For more details, refer to the package insert.

Side Effects

These side effects can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • • Knee Arthralgia
  • • Edema
  • • Transient discomfort

Hymovis therapy recovery time

Hymovis injections require no recovery. After treatment, patients are usually able to resume their normal activities.

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