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Visible signs of aging is a problem for many women, and they look for innovative fillers to treat it. Stylage is one of the most popular products used by cosmetologists and derma professionals, so it’s in constant demand. Stylage fillers have shown effective anti aging results by making wrinkles invisible. It’s also used to contour lips, restore lost volume, and rejuvenate skin. It’s one of the leading dermal fillers produced by Vivacy Laboratories, so every aesthetics expert should try it in practice! Let’s learn more about Stylage and how to get products of this brand easily and quickly.

What to know before you order Stylage online

Stylage is one of many fillers offered nowadays. Why should beauty professionals prefer it to other rejuvenating products? Consider the following information about Stylage, and you’ll see.

About Stylage

Stylage is an injectable dermal filler produced by Vivacy Laboratories, a French company that exports its know-how products to over 80 countries in the world. It’s a monophasic cross-linked gel serile with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants Mannitol or Sorbitol. This is a non-animal and biodegradable filler with an innovative formula that has a long-lasting effect for 9-12 months. The company produces a range of Stylage fillers with and without an anesthetic effect that can be used on all skin types and in different areas to improve their look and state.

What do these products treat?

There are Stylage products for different areas and goals. Depending on the depth of wrinkles and folds, you can choose one of three products for filling and smoothing wrinkles and making the surface of skin visually smoother.
Special Stylage products have been released for lip enhancement, correction, contouring, and hydration as well as facial remodeling and volume restoration. The last one can be injected to restore the volume loss on temples, cheeks, oval of the face and chin. The fourth group of Stylage products has been developed for skin hydration and elasticity improvement. They allow treating skin on the face, neck, décolleté and back of the hand.

How does it work?

Stylage products are gel syringe that is injected into the skin to treat the signs of aging. The way it works depends on the product used, but in most cases, the syringe with hyaluronic acid fills the area under the skin to restore a lost volume. Anaesthetic lidocaine and antioxidants neutralize radicals under the skin so it allows eliminating swelling, redness, and possible irritability.

Are there side effects?

Thanks to the use of antioxidants, the side effects are minimal. Patients may face the problem of swelling, bruising, redness, tenderness, itching, minor pain, and discoloration of the treated area. All these possible side effects are temporary and will subside in a few days.

Stylage Fillers: How Much Do They Cost?

Stylage can be found in one-third of the countries on the globe, so its popularity is clear. Is it sold in the USA and Canada? Undoubtedly, it’s enough to access the Medical Spa RX website. This online store for aesthetics professionals offers 13 Stylage products with quite affordable prices and discounts for bulk orders.

A doctor chooses a product on the basis of the treatment area, the necessity to remove pain with anesthetic, and the current condition of the skin. Therefore, there are several products in each series, and their price may decrease when you buy more packs, but always.

Why MedicalSpaRX Is the Best Place to Order Stylage Online

Stylage is a popular filler, so many stores list it among the products. However, only a limited number of retailers agrees to deal with the cross-atlantic delivery of medical products since it requires a special packaging. Fortunately, Medical Spa RX is one of them. Now there is no need to think where to buy Stylage since Medical Spa RX offers a wide range of different fillers in any quantity. Currently, it’s a number-one official retailer that offers original products and licensed professionals can purchase not only one unit but even buy Stylage kit at the click of a button.

Stylage Bulk Suppliers USA

Wholesale prices are usually lower, so beauty professionals need to find a supplier who sells Stylage products in bulk. Fortunately for people who make others beautiful, Medical Spa RX has a direct contract with the manufacturer to provide clients with the necessary number of packs anytime and without delays.

Stylage Cost Per Unit Wholesale 2022

Medical Spa RX is an answer to the question where to buy Stylage and save a lot. Unlike other Stylage distributors that offer only a limited number of packs or make clients wait for a long time to get necessary fillers, Medical Spa RX has constant Stylage supplies and enough space for the product storage. It allows fulfilling orders of any size within the shortest period of time.

Find Stylage Online With License

It’s important to mention that only licensed professionals can place orders for Stylage products in the Medical Spa RX store. It means that clients who plan to make a purchase should upload the copy of their medical license to prove their eligibility of treating people. This is done to protect potential clients from amateurs who may spoil their experience of Stylage use.

Can I buy Stylage online?

Yes, you can. Medical Spa RX is an official retailer of Stylage products sold in the online store.

What are Stylage license requirements?

Stylage products can be used only by certified doctors and nurses with enough injectable experience.

Is it legal to purchase Stylage and fillers from overseas?

Yes, it is. The only requirement a retailer should meet is to provide a special packaging approved by a manufacturer.

How do I get Stylage as a provider?

You can contact customer support or register an account to confirm the license and place an order for Stylage products required.

Can nurse practitioners use Stylage?

Yes, they can if they possess a license for medical work.

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