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Peels and Masks

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Peels and Masks


Buy chemical peels and facial masks from Medical Spa RX and enjoy fast shipping and friendly service. You benefit from a low wholesale price on all the brand name peels and masks you know and trust. Not only that, we are always expanding our product inventory, introducing you to new chemical peels and facial masks and popular European brands. Enjoy the convenience of shopping for all your medical spa supplies in one location.

Chemical peels and facial masks offer non-invasive or minimally-invasive ways for your clients to improve the look of their skin. Each product is meant for a different purpose, helping those with fine lines and early signs of aging, deeper wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or other sun damage, acne, or dry, stressed skin. These skincare products help your clients improve the look of their skin while avoiding more invasive procedures such as cosmetic injections or plastic surgery, and they are administered either in the medical spa or at home. By targeting the skin's surface, you can help your clients achieve improvements to their look in a quick and easy treatment.

Facial masks help rehydrate and soothe skin. These can be applied in the spa or sold for clients to take home, rejuvenating their skin on their own time. One popular facial mask brand, Princess, uses some of the same ingredients found in their dermal fillers but in an easy, non-invasive treatment. Herbal extracts like aloe vera and algae, along with sodium hyaluronate and glycerol, help restore moisture to dry, sun-damaged, stressed skin, soothing irritation for calmer, more refreshed skin. You can apply these masks in the spa to help soothe skin after a cosmetic treatment, or you can offer these facial masks for sale so your clients can improve their skin at home with a professional-quality skincare product.

Chemical peels are one of the more popular treatment options at medical spas, helping resurface skin to reduce the look of acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and other skin imperfections. In these procedures, estheticians apply a mild acid to the skin which helps peel the top layers of damaged skin. This exfoliation helps stimulate the growth of new skin cells to reveal a complexion that is smoother and clearer. One chemical peel brand popular in Europe is Filorga, usually known for their dermal fillers and mesotherapy injectables. Their chemical peel solutions contain ingredients such as glycolic acid, phytic acid, citric acid, mandelic acid, and gluconolactone. The different chemical peel types include products targeting wrinkles and aging skin, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines on sensitive skin. Each is a professional-grade chemical peel suitable for medical spa use.

A successful chemical peel experience includes more than just the peel itself. Filorga also makes a pre-peeling solution to help adjust the skin's pH, preparing skin to receive the chemical peel. Their post-peeling solution helps neutralize the chemical peel after a treatment, stopping its action and leaving skin feeling more soothed. Both these products help complete the chemical peel treatment to give your clients the best results.

For various ages, chemical peels offer a minimally-invasive treatment targeting skin imperfections. After the peeling process is complete, clients are left with a smoother, brighter, more even complexion with a fresher and more youthful appearance.

Chemical peels and facial masks can help your clients rejuvenate their skin in a minimally-invasive procedure, and they are a must-have for any medical spa. Buy peels and masks from Medical Spa RX to offer your clients the benefits of softer, smoother skin, for less. Choose your peels or masks now from the selection of top brands.

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