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General Information about Belotero® Products

Belotero is a popular line of dermal fillers consisting of 5 hyaluronic acid-based solutions to combat signs of aging. Developed by Merz Aesthetics, the range is specially formulated to target various issues, including dehydration, wrinkles, volume loss, and thinning lips. What’s unique about these aesthetic fillers is that they can be used in combination for a more tailored approach to individual needs. Belotero boasts predictable and natural results due to the balance of elasticity, cohesivity, and plasticity of the gel. Manufactured using Dynamic Cross-Linking Technology, these soft tissue fillers are an advanced solution for glowing, youthful looking skin.

What Makes A Good Candidate?

Clients wishing to fill in lines and wrinkles, augment their lips, and hydrate their skin are great candidates for the range. As well, patients who want a more tailored approach can benefit from these fillers.

Areas Treated with Belotero

Soft – use to correct fine lines and wrinkles, such as perioral lines and crow’s feet.

Balance – use to reduce the appearance of moderate wrinkles and lines, and to enhance lip shape and volume.

Intense – use to correct severe lines, such as nasolabial folds, oral commissures, and marionette lines, as well as lip volume and contours.

Volume – use to restore facial volume to areas such as the temples and cheeks.

Hydro – use to hydrate the skin on the face, beck, decollete, and backs of the hands.


Treatment Details

Treatments using Belotero are usually fast, and last under an hour. The length of the treatment will vary depending on the number of areas being corrected.
Discuss your patient’s medical history and the expected results. Some of the solutions are also available with lidocaine to help diminish discomfort during the procedure. Inject using the appropriate technique. You may need to massage the area to evenly distribute the gel. You can find detailed use instructions in the information leaflet.

How Long Does Belotero Last?

On average, the cosmetic injectables in the collection last for up to 9 months. The longevity of the results is directly affected by the individual’s age, skin condition, and lifestyle. Over time, the hyaluronic acid in the gel will dissolve into the surrounding tissues.

Safety Information

Belotero fillers are only intended to be administered by a trained and licensed professional. The dermal fillers in this range are well-tolerated, and have an excellent safety profile. Do not use in patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or those under the age of 18. Patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy or taking anticoagulants are not recommended to receive this treatment.


Side effects:

  • Redness
  • Minor swelling
  • Bruising
  • Irritation

Other side effects may include hematomas, discoloration, or slight bleeding.

Refer to the product pamphlet for a full list of side effects, contraindications, and precautions.

Recovery Time:

Minor side effects may be experienced up to a week after the treatment; however, this will not affect the patient’s daily routine. After the procedure, your client can return to their regular activities. The patient should not apply makeup for 12 hours after the injections. As well, they should avoid exposure to extreme temperatures for up to 2 weeks.

Cost of Belotero

The average cost of dermal fillers is between $500 to $800. The cost is determined based on the number of areas being treated and the number of syringes used. You can determine the cost of this treatment for your clinic.

What makes Belotero one of the best fillers?

Due to the flexibility of Belotero fillers, doctors often choose the brand over others to create personalized treatment plans for their patients. You have the option to use these fillers individually to correct fine to severe lines, augment the lips, and hydrate the skin, or you can combine the fillers. Patients worldwide have expressed their satisfaction and trust in these treatments. What’s more, Merz Aesthetics offers workshops and training, so you can get practical, hands-on experience with the fillers.

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