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BELOTERO® SOFT with Lidocaine  distributors
BELOTERO® SOFT with Lidocaine  distributors
BELOTERO® SOFT with Lidocaine  distributors
BELOTERO® SOFT with Lidocaine  distributors

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The origin of this product is Europe


Merz Pharmaceuticals

active substances:

Hyaluronic acid, lidocaine


20mg/ml, 3mg/ml

pack size:

1-1ml prefilled syringe


Package insert, 2-30G 1/2” needles, 2 traceability labels


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A package of Belotero Soft contains one prefilled 1ml syringe, two 30G ½” needles, two traceability labels, and a package insert.

Main Benefits

This dermal filer is recognized for its ability to rectify perioral lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet, all of which develop as a result of the skin losing hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for skin hydration and vitality. Belotero Soft easily integrates into the treated area(s) and removes fine skin wrinkles and lines, such as the ones mentioned above.
Belotero Soft maintains the smoothness and volume of the skin, and it also works perfectly to hydrate the surface of your skin, keeping it fresh and plump.


Biofermented hyaluronic acid is the main component of this dermal filler. This dermal filler is also available with lidocaine, which is an anesthetic.

Ingredient Information

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the body that is responsible for the hydration of the skin. With age, solar exposure, and/or environmental stressors, the skin loses a large amount of hyaluronic acid, which results in dryness and reduced elasticity; these developments, in turn, leave skin with wrinkles, lines, and folds.
This dermal filler is manufactured via patented Dynamic Cross-Linking Technology that results in a filler with a monophasic Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM), which means this filler has an ideal balance of elasticity, plasticity, and unique cohesivity.

How to use this dermal filler

The use of this filler is restricted to licensed practitioners because injecting this product involves a technical procedure. You should therefore advise your clients not to try self-injections of this product so as to avoid the risk of them experiencing any adverse effects that come about from an improper injection procedure.
Belotero Soft is hypoallergenic and does not require a patient to undergo a skin test prior to injection.
This product should be injected into the superficial layer of the skin dermis through the use of a 30G needle. Like any normal dermal injection, it takes just 30 minutes or less to inject this filler.
What areas does this dermal filler treat?
This filler can treat areas of the face in need of rehydration or that present fine lines or wrinkles.

How long does this treatment last?

Like other fillers in the Belotero line, Belotero Soft lasts between nine and 18 months. However, the duration of this filler is dependent on a number of factors, including the treated area(s) and a patient’s skin condition, lifestyle, and age.

Frequently Asked Questions

This dermal filler can be reliably purchased from MedicalSpaRX.com. Our prices are fair, and we offer discounts for bulk purchases; in other words, the more you buy, the more you save. All purchases are shipped within two business days of order placement and should take around five to seven business days to arrive. Furthermore, Medical Spar RX offers free shipping on orders over $1000. In addition to Belotero Soft, you can also browse our extensive selection of chemical peels, orthopedic injectables, facial masks, enhancer gels, and other dermal fillers.

Order this product to help treat your patients who need to have their skin rehydrated or have their fine lines treated. In this regard, Belotero Soft is an excellent addition to any medical facility that focuses on cosmetic procedures. Additionally, ordering from medicalsparkx.com, has its own benefits, much of which have been discussed above. The biggest benefit of shopping with Medical Spa RX is the fact that we save you money by securing you the lowest prices on your most preferred products, as we source the products we offer from countries with regulated price limits; this helps you save money when you buy these products!

This filler can be appealing to any person who has dehydrated skin or wants to remove fine, subtle lines.

This filler may cause some swelling, redness, or some itchiness. These side effects are to a large extent very normal and typically subside shortly after occurring. Additional information on Belotero Soft’s side effects is available in this product’s package insert. It is advised that you carefully read this insert before using this cosmetic injectable.

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