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SOFTFIL® PRECISION Micro-Cannula 22G/50mm


SOFTFIL® PRECISION Micro-Cannula 25G/50mm


SOFTFIL® stands as an industry pioneer, offering innovative product tailored for medical, beauty, and aesthetic professionals. With a diverse range including micro-cannulas, skin rollers, and post-procedural care, SOFTFIL® ensures cutting-edge solutions for enhanced efficacy and patient comfort. When you buy SOFTFIL® product, you can be sure that the brand is certified for quality and safety and SOFTFIL® products adhere to rigorous standards.

Pioneering Innovation in Aesthetics

SOFTFIL® stands as a pioneering brand, rooted in French origins, dedicated to redefining aesthetics with a focus on safety, simplicity, and comfort for injectors. At the heart of their ethos lies innovation, driving them to develop new product continually and approaches that empower healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible outcomes for their patients.

They take pride in their innovative tools, including the SOFTFIL® Precision range, offering the widest selection of micro-cannulas on the market, elevating the injection experience to new heights. Additionally, their revolutionary Smart Pre-hole Needle, the SOFTFIL® EasyGuide, ensures optimized cannula injections, further enhancing safety and precision.

Furthermore, their commitment to post-procedural care is evident in the SOFTFIL® Post-Act Solutions range, designed to optimize aesthetic procedures and enhance patient comfort.

Licensed and Certified: Buy SOFTFIL® Product and Ensure Top-Quality for Your Patients

From its inception, SOFTFIL® has upheld a rigorous quality policy, prioritizing the satisfaction of aesthetic medical professionals and patients alike.

The company boasts several certifications, including ISO 13485:2016 / EN ISO 13485:2016. Its SOFTFIL® Precision and SOFTFIL® EasyGuide injection medical devices are certified by GMed and bear the CE0459 mark, signifying their compliance with stringent quality standards. These products are guaranteed to be 100% sterile, single-use, and exclusively designated for healthcare professionals.

Buy SOFTFIL® Cannulas for Face and Body Injections

The foundation of Soft Medical Aesthetics marked a pivotal moment in 2009 with the launch of SOFTFIL® Classic, introducing the original range of blunt tip cannulas. This revolutionary line, crafted from stainless steel, offers eight sizes with varying lengths and calibers, ranging from 18G to 30G, providing practitioners with unparalleled versatility and precision in aesthetic procedures.

SOFTFIL® Microcannulas

SOFTFIL® PRECISION microcannula stands as an internationally acclaimed innovation, meticulously crafted to prioritize the comfort and safety of both physicians and patients alike. Its unique design facilitates effortless cannula insertion, precise product placement, and ensures optimal comfort throughout the procedure.

In their product range, SOFTFIL® offers SOFTFIL® PRECISION Micro-Cannulas in various sizes including 22G/40mm, 22G/50mm, 25G/40mm, 25G/50mm, 25G/60mm, and 30G/25mm.

The SOFTFIL® Cosmetics Range of Product

In addition to their micro-cannulas, SOFTFIL® also offers the SOFTFIL® Skin Roller, featuring micro-needles designed to enhance the efficacy of active ingredients on the skin. The SOFTFIL® Skin Roller creates tiny channels in the epidermis to optimize penetration of creams and serums, ideal for improving skin texture and appearance. Additionally, SOFTFIL® provides the SOFTFIL® Topilase®, a topical care designed to reduce skin irregularities associated with hyaluronic acid injections, and the SOFTFIL® Post-Act Mask, a professional mask formulated with hyaluronic acid to soothe, moisturize, and rejuvenate the skin after cosmetic procedures.

Aesthetic Mastery at SOFTFIL® Academy

There is more: SOFTFIL® offers free online courses for all levels of expertise. Guidance from industry leaders offers invaluable practical knowledge, ensuring support at every stage. The comprehensive curriculum delves deeply into aesthetics, empowering expertise across various techniques and interactive webinars provide opportunities to engage with global experts, refining skills in real-time interactions. Flexible learning options allow access to on-demand tutorials, facilitating thorough comprehension and skill development at individual paces.

Buy SOFTFIL® Wholesale and Online for Your Practice

Ensure that your practice is equipped with trusted brands – buy SOFTFIL® product online, guaranteeing authenticity and excellence in every purchase. For streamlined access to top-quality product, consider to buy SOFTFIL® wholesale. Whether you’re restocking your inventory or seeking innovative tools, we ensure convenience and reliability, guaranteeing authenticity and excellence in every purchase.

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