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Botulinum toxins, including Botox, have become the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment and clients now seek this treatment by name. These cosmetic injectables target wrinkles, relaxing muscles to smooth the look of aging skin. The natural neurotoxin comes from Clostridium botulinum bacteria, best known for causing the illness botulism but with a variety of medical and cosmetic uses. In a minimally-invasive treatment, these injections can reduce the look of wrinkles or correct muscle disorders with temporary but long-lasting effects.

Popular botulinum toxin brands include Botox, also called Vistabel, Dysport and its cosmetic version Azzalure, and Xeomin and its cosmetic version Bocouture, all made from botulinum toxin type A, and Neurobloc, also called Myobloc, made of botulinum toxin type B. Both toxin types work similarly, targeting the chemical messenger acetylcholine. By blocking the release of acetylcholine, these neurotoxins prevent nerves from signaling muscles to move. With the muscles not moving, they will not form wrinkles at the skin’s surface. Although repeated muscle movement can cause glabellar lines and other facial wrinkles to form, relaxing these muscles can help return the skin to a smoother appearance. Temporarily paralyzing muscles can also help relieve symptoms of muscle disorders, including eyelid spasms, neck spasms in cervical dystonia, and overactive bladder. Most botulinum toxin brands have a medical and a cosmetic version, and although they have the same composition, they are meant for treating either medical conditions or wrinkles.

Wrinkle relaxing is the most popular use for botulinum toxins in a medical spa, and these injections can target dynamic wrinkles caused by underlying muscle activity. These may include glabellar lines or frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes. Some people choose these cosmetic injections to help them look younger, but others choose the injections to help give them a friendlier and more relaxed look without the frown lines. Botulinum toxins can also help prevent wrinkles, causing the underlying muscle to relax before wrinkles can become embedded at the skin’s surface, and the number of younger clients seeking Botox treatments is increasing as they seek out these aging-prevention techniques. The wrinkle injections may require a couple weeks to take effect, but then the effects usually last about three or four months, and clients can repeat the injections at that time to maintain their relaxed look.

Another popular use for botulinum toxins is treating hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating. Although researchers are not completely sure how the injections affect sweating, the toxin seems to help reduce the amount of sweat in underarms or on the forehead. The treatments can help prevent embarrassing underarm stains or help hair blowouts last longer. Cosmetic uses for botulinum toxins may also include reducing a gummy smile and providing a minimally-invasive breast lift.

One approved medical use for botulinum toxins is the treatment of chronic migraine. Head and neck injections can help decrease the number of headache days for those with migraines. The botulinum toxins have been used by doctors for decades to treat eye disorders, such as blepharospasm, which is abnormal eyelid contraction, and strabismus, which is crossed eyes. They can also treat muscle spasticity associated with stroke, neck spasms associated with cervical dystonia or torticollis, cerebral palsy or other upper motor neuron syndromes, overactive bladder, and other medical conditions related to muscle spasms.

These injectable neurotoxins have such a wide range of cosmetic and medical uses that they are almost indispensable to medical spas and clinics. With scientists continually discovering new uses for the versatile drugs, their popularity continues to grow.

Botulinum toxins offer your clients the ability to relax the look of their wrinkles, and these minimally-invasive treatments are a fundamental part of any medical spa. Buy botulinum toxins from Medical Spa RX to help offer your clients the treatments they most desire, for less. Choose your botulinum toxin now from the selection of top brands.

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