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Daehan New Pharm Co is a famous South Korean company that produces and markets LIPORASE®. South Korea is famous for its skin care, which speaks volumes about this product’s quality and safety.

This enzymatic marvel has redefined aesthetic practices, becoming an indispensable asset in the toolkit of licensed medical professionals who can buy LIPORASE®.

Product Overview

Understanding the role of hyaluronic acid provides crucial insights into LIPORASE®’s efficacy. Hyaluronidases are enzymes that catalyze the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the human body and a key component of various dermal fillers.

HA is a naturally occurring substance found in the skin, joints, and connective tissues. Its remarkable ability to retain water makes it a biological moisture magnet, contributing to skin hydration, elasticity, and overall resilience.

In the context of cosmetic procedures, hyaluronic acid is widely used as a dermal filler due to its biocompatibility and safety profile. However, the success of these procedures is contingent on achieving the desired aesthetic outcome without overfilling or misplacement. This is where hyaluronidase, and specifically LIPORASE®, comes into play.

As a hyaluronidase solution, LIPORASE® is engineered to target and break down hyaluronic acid fillers selectively. This targeted enzymatic action allows practitioners unparalleled control in adjusting and refining aesthetic results. Whether addressing asymmetries, overfilled lips, or misplaced injections, LIPORASE®’s precision makes it an invaluable tool in the hands of licensed medical professionals.

Benefits of LIPORASE®

The benefits of buying LIPORASE® online and incorporating it into cosmetic procedures are manifold, underscoring its unparalleled advantages in the realm of aesthetic refinement.

  • Precision in Correction – By targeting and selectively dissolving hyaluronic acid fillers, LIPORASE® ensures corrections that are both nuanced and controlled, instilling confidence in practitioners and satisfaction in patients.
  • Versatility Across Procedures – The efficacy of LIPORASE® extends far beyond its corrective capabilities. From lip augmentations that demand subtlety to intricate facial contouring requiring strategic adjustments, LIPORASE® proves its efficacy as a comprehensive solution.
  • Reduced Downtime – The minimal recovery period is a testament to the efficiency of LIPORASE®, allowing individuals to resume their daily activities swiftly.
  • Minimized Risks – Dedication to safety positions LIPORASE® as a preferred and safer alternative, further emphasizing its role in elevating standards within cosmetic enhancement.
  • Natural-Looking Results – The harmonious integration of LIPORASE® ensures that facial features retain authenticity, preserving the individuality and natural aesthetics of each patient.

Who Can Administer and Purchase LIPORASE®?

LIPORASE® is exclusively available to licensed medical professionals. The administration of LIPORASE® demands a profound understanding of facial anatomy and injection techniques. This exclusivity safeguards patients, ensuring that only skilled practitioners with a nuanced understanding of cosmetic procedures can procure and administer this enzyme.

The procedure involves targeted injections, strategically dissolving excess hyaluronic acid. This precise technique, mastered by licensed medical professionals, guarantees optimal aesthetic results, reflecting the brand’s devotion to safety and efficacy.

Procedure Results

The efficacy of LIPORASE® is not solely dependent on its enzymatic activity but is also influenced by individual factors. Patient-specific elements such as metabolism and lifestyle choices play a role in determining when results will become visible. Usually, the first effects become apparent after 24-48 hours.

Recovery Timeline and Tips

In the immediate aftermath of LIPORASE® administration, patients may experience mild swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection site. These are common and generally subside within the first few days.

During the first week, patients should expect a gradual reduction in swelling and bruising. They should avoid strenuous physical activities and excessive sun exposure during this period.

By the end of the second week, the most visible side effects, such as swelling and bruising, should significantly decrease. Patients can typically resume their normal activities while continuing to follow any post-procedure instructions provided by the practitioner.

The long-term effects of LIPORASE® become more apparent as the weeks progress. The gradual breakdown of hyaluronic acid filler leads to a natural-looking refinement of facial features, contributing to the overall satisfaction of the patient.

Some of the best recovery tips you should offer them are:

  • Follow Post-Procedure Instructions – Patients should diligently adhere to post-procedure, such as specific skincare routines, restrictions on activities, and guidelines for monitoring the recovery process.
  • Cold Compresses – Applying cold compresses in the immediate post-procedure period can help alleviate swelling and discomfort.
  • Hydration – Hydration is essential for the body to facilitate the natural elimination of byproducts resulting from the enzymatic breakdown of hyaluronic acid.
  • Gentle Skincare – Patients should adopt a gentle skincare routine, avoiding harsh products and aggressive treatments during the initial stages of recovery.
  • Avoid Sun Exposure – Sun protection is paramount during the recovery period. Patients should use sunscreen with high SPF to shield the treated areas from harmful UV rays, preventing pigmentation issues and promoting a seamless recovery.


You must adhere to rigid storage protocols. The product should be stored in a controlled environment, maintaining recommended temperatures to prevent any compromise in its enzymatic activity.

LIPORASE®’s enzymatic properties thrive when stored in an environment characterized by stability. The recommended temperatures (around 40F, but not below 30F) provide the necessary conditions for the preservation of the enzymatic activity, ensuring that practitioners have a consistently reliable tool at their disposal.

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