A woman receives a Xeomin injection under her left eye

With the growing popularity of anti-wrinkle injections, medical and beauty professionals look for safe and effective medicine to solve this problem. One of such prescription medications is Xeomin, a purified anti-wrinkle injection to get rid of frown lines. This product has been manufactured by a leading German company called Merz Pharmaceuticals since 2010, and it is an FDA-approved product used in the USA. Is it good enough to prefer it to other fillers, and how can healthcare practitioners get this medicine to treat patients? Here is the answer.

What to Know If You Want to Order Xeomin Online

Xeomin is not a new way of wrinkle treatment in anti-aging programs, but it was approved by FDA to treat two different problems: cervical dystonia or blepharospasm and frown lines between the eyebrows ranging from moderate to severe ones. How does it work, and what should patients know before they decide to make an injection? The most important information is collected below.

About Xeomin

Xeomin is a prescription medicine with an active ingredient called incobotulinumtoxinA that, unlike traditional Botox, doesn’t have the binding proteins that stabilize the molecule. Therefore, it is considered more natural and clear and used for the treatment of several different diseases, including wrinkles.

What do these products treat?

Xeomin has received FDA approval to treat several conditions. It is mainly used to correct glabellar lines, but when it comes to cosmetic treatments, it can also be useful to remove frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet lines. The medicine has also been recognized as effective in the treatment of excessive drooling and salivation, and abnormal muscle contractions of the neck, eyelids, and limbs.

How does it work?

When injected into the dermis, incobotulinum toxin A blocks nerve activity in the muscles. The injections are given every 12-16 weeks, and they give a temporary effect for 3-4 months on average.

Are there side effects?

Xeomin is reported to have several side effects that may differ in frequency of their appearance. The most common side effect in beauty treatments is headache, but patients may also have such unpleasant symptoms as dry mouth, discomfort or pain at the injection site, tiredness, neck pain, muscle weakness, and eye problems.

There were also cases of allergic reactions to Xeomin that could lead to itching, rash, redness, swelling, wheezing, asthma symptoms, dizziness or feeling faint.

Get Online From Canada/USA

Being a kind of medicine that can be prescribed only by a licensed healthcare practitioner and injected by a trained medical professional, Xeomin can’t be ordered by an ordinary person without medical education. Therefore, distributors of medical products, including the Medical Spa RX store, are obliged to ask customers for a medical license to ensure this person or service provider is eligible for doing that.

What Is the Best Place to Order Xeomin Online?

Since it is almost impossible to have direct supplies from the manufacturer, it is more reasonable to choose a trusted and official distributor for those who are looking for a destination where to buy Xeomin. Naturally, this store should have a respective license and serve medical professionals first of all. If you want to buy Xeomin kit, you can contact Medical Spa RX customer support and ask whether it is possible to do that online. Why should you choose this store you may wonder? The range of reasons looks very convincing:

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Xeomin Wholesale Suppliers USA

Prescription medicine is not available for wholesale orders, but it doesn’t mean that you can order only one or two packs in the store. Medical Spa RX responds to the requests for 20 and more packs of different aesthetic products positively and even suggests discounts on such orders for all clients.

Xeomin cost per unit in wholesale prices 2022

The majority of Xeomin distributors will tell you that medical products of this type are not offered for wholesale orders, so there are no discounts for those who search for stores where to buy Xeomin in bulk. Fortunately, Medical Spa RX understands the comfort of making quantitative purchases for providers and professionals. Thanks to regular Xeomin supplies, it is possible to order 5 and more units of the same product and receive a discount of up to 10% as well as save on shipping too.

Purchase Xeomin Online With License

It is important to understand that Xeomin should not only be prescribed by licensed healthcare professionals but also injected by trained and experienced medical workers. The result depends much on the person who makes an injection, so there is no place for experimenting. No wonder only certified medical professionals are allowed to buy Xeomin too.


Can I buy the product online?

Only licensed medical professionals who have respective certifications and can confirm their expertise level can make an order of the Xeomin medicine.

What are Xeomin license requirements?

Xeomin treatment can be administered only by medical professionals who have received a medical degree and have enough injecting experience.

Yes, it is if a licensed physician makes this purchase.

How do I get Xeomin as a provider?

You can order Xeomin online after you provide a copy of your healthcare license. You will be notified about approval, and then you can make an order through a web cabinet or by phone.

Can nurse practitioners order Xeomin?

It is possible only if a nurse provides a copy of the doctor’s license.