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From the legal aspects to making winning marketing strategies, this guide will offer you a concise and comprehensive insight on how to open a medspa correctly. Experience the basic steps and get to know the necessary precautions for launching your own medical spa. 

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the essential licenses and certifications needed.
  • Discover how to choose the perfect location and what equipment is necessary.
  • Learn the secrets to effectively marketing your new medspa.
  • Gain insights into expanding your client base and the services you offer.

What Kind of Licensing Is Required to Start a Medical Spa?

Requirements vary significantly across states, including, first and foremost, the necessity of obtaining a state-based medical license. Additionally, some aesthetic treatments you want to offer may require additional aesthetic certifications. 

Opening a medspa in Florida can be different than opening a medspa in Texas. Some US states, like Delaware and Iowa, allow for a person without a medical practice license to own a medspa as well. To make sure your medspa is legally operating, it is recommended to implement a system of compliance with the state regulations.

It’s critical to get a full understanding of what is required to open a medical spa, because it’s not just a way to make your business legal but also to start a medspa business that is in line with the strictest standards of patient safety and professionalism. 

Who Is Eligible to Own a Medspa?

In some cases, it is not limited to the medical team, and it may also involve state laws. 

Generally, a physician licensed by a state oversees medical functions, but non-medical entrepreneurs can own part of the business and share profits if they work with a medical director. This partnership approach consequently provides a platform for those who do not have a medical background but are enthusiastic about starting a medical spa business to act actively in the booming industry. 

The knowledge of these coalitions and regulatory details is of importance to any medspa owner who wants to open a successful facility that is within the existing frameworks. 

Can a Registered Nurse Own a Med Spa?

In states like Florida, California and Texas, registered nurses are not allowed to own a medspa. However, there are 27 US states that allow licensed RNs to run medspas as long as they are supervised by a physician who provides medical care.

This collaboration will open up options for the business, thereby making it more trusted and safe. For those seeking to explore the specifics of how to open a medical spa as a nurse, it is crucial to know certain legal requirements and partnership structures that make it possible to start such an initiative. 

This skill allows RNs to bring their medical knowledge to the aesthetic and plastic surgery industries, which are both growing fields.

Registered nurse providing aesthetic treatment in medspa

Selecting the Ideal Location for Your Medspa

Where the medspa is situated is a crucial factor to consider in this industry. 

The ideal locations for a medspa are highly visible and situated in areas frequented by your target demographic—those likely to become regular clients. Densely populated areas with gyms, salons, and shopping centers, make excellent choices due to their high foot traffic and accessibility.

Both accessibility and availability of parking spots are on the list of the top things to be taken into account, as they highly increase client convenience and satisfaction. Also, when launching medspa business, you should pick a venue that matches the needs and preferences of your targeted market, as it is one of the most important factors that determines the success and growth of your medspa.

How to Find Suppliers for Your Medspa?

A reliable supply chain is the basis of a successful medspa opening, so make sure to do proper research before choosing a supplier. Trustworthy suppliers:

Reliable suppliers, such as Medical Spa RX, are essential for ensuring the quality care you are committed to giving. This way, you can build a reputation for a medspa with top-tier quality. If you have questions and need more information on how can we support you with opening your own medspa, book a meeting with our customer service team.

What Treatments Should Your Medspa Provide?

It is necessary to decide what services to offer before opening a successful medspa. The offered product line should be relevant to market demands in aesthetic medicine and address the unique needs of local clients. 

Besides the prevalent services that include the most popular dermal fillers and laser treatments, you can also add treatments like threads or mesotherapy to the list. Having a wide range of services to offer can be an advantage in terms of helping you attract different types kinds of clients; some might only seek a quick fix, while others would be more into a holistic wellness approach. 

Make sure you and your staff have all the necessary medical and legal certificates for the services you offer. Again, it is best to check the requirements in the state you’re operating in. 

What Products You Need Before You Start?

Access to top-notch equipment should be prioritized since this could ensure functioning treatments and patient safety. Moreover, developing a medspa will require a tactical layout and design of the spa surroundings in order for clients to see it as soothing and a favorable place for relaxation and well-being, thereby giving them the best experience during their stay at the spa.

Some starting necessities include:

  • Facial beds, chairs, and office furniture
  • Sterilizing equipment
  • Storage equipment
  • Injectable tools and products
  • Laser equipment, RF devices, microdermabrasion equipment

The list continues depending on the size of your medspa, your staff, and the services you offer.

lip filler treatment in a medspa

How to Effectively Market Your Medspa?

Good digital marketing plans entail having a strong online presence, creating a robust social media plan, and using local advertising. 

If you choose to develop a website that will present the quality of your services to the public, doing medical spa SEO can help you get more visibility on search engine results pages. This way, you can considerably increase the number of visitors to your clinic website. 

Reaching out to potential clients by means of effective social media campaigns and optimized content could be another key to attracting guests and getting more bookings done. Besides that, you will be able to stimulate your med spa opening by organizing open house events and cooperating with local businesses to create an atmosphere of excitement in the community and draw the locals to your business. 

How to Increase Your Medspa Clientele?

Providing excellent service, developing loyalty programs, understanding medical spa trends and participating in community activities can help initial customers become regular clients. 

Having a client referral system is another indispensable tool in the toolbox of those who are only beginning to set up a medspa business. To boost the number of your clients, you may want to induce them to refer their friends and relatives by offering them discounts or gifts. 

Moreover, catering for packages and subscriptions is not only an effective way of bringing new clients on board but also helps with retaining them. The uniqueness of these packages, in addition to meeting the different needs, expectations, and preferences of clients, can be of great help in satisfying clients and keeping them loyal, and it is capable of growing the customer base of the medspa.


What license do you need to open a medical spa?

A medical practice license, as well as the other permits related to the services offered.

Who can own medspa? 

Typically, ownership involves either a medical doctor or an entrepreneur who partners with a physician during the prototyping stage.

Can an RN own a med spa? 

Yes, with a supervising doctor in most states, hand in hand.

How do I market my medspa? 

Focus on online marketing, neighborhood advertising, and community outreach programs.

How to get more medspa clients?

Go the extra mile by providing great service, promoting loyalty programs, and using social media to build your brand.

What services to offer in my medspa?

Choose trendy and profitable services, such as injectables, laser treatments, and personalized wellness programs.