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The origin of this product is Europe



active substances:



30%, 70%

pack size:

2 x 1ml Pre-Filled Syringes


Package insert, 4-27G 3/4


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Ellanse™ S

Product Description

Ellansé S is an injectable dermal filler that combines the benefits of both immediate corrections of lines and wrinkles as well as stimulating the production of the body’s own natural collagen. This combination ensures longer-lasting results and a more youthful and fresh appearance. Ellanse S was designed to be injected into the mid-deep layer of the skin dermis.


Two pre-filled syringes, 27G ¾” needles, Four traceability labels, Medical Information Package Insert

Main Benefits

Ellanse S, a novel non-hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is durable to last as long as up to a year. This sterile, non-pyrogenic, latex-free temporary implant is made of medical-grade synthetic Poly-e-Caprolactone (PCL) microspheres, which are advanced biodegradable scaffolds that can deliver essential nutrients and minerals for collagen synthesis. Encourages collagen to have its own regeneration properties. The impressive substance also helps to refill, reshape and contour the face as desired. PCL is used in numerous medical products and suspended in a gel carrier made of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), phosphate buffered saline (PhEur) and glycerin (PhEur). This one-time treatment is cost-effective and clinically proven to be safe.


Contains 30% synthetic filler composed of totally smooth Polycaprolactone (PCL) microspheres. Homogenously suspended in an aqueous Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) gel-carrier.

Ingredients Information

The polycaprolactone microspheres is a biomaterial that offers growth factor delivery to cellular activities. Its small pores, sized 25-50 microns, form a scaffold with protein-loaded carriers. The spherical shape of the pores stimulates neocollagenesis, which later develops a layer of natural collagen. This restores the patient’s skin structure and elasticity, and simultaneously sculpts their look into a more full, youthful appearance.
The high viscosity gel is biocompatible with the human body as it is not of animals, humans or bacteria origin. Although it is biodegradable, it has the capacity to sustain and maintain its structure for a duration longer than most natural-based fillers, clinically proven to last for 13 months. This impressive innovation is safe for usage.
The addition of glycerin in the gel-carrier is to sustain the gel’s structure from degenerating.

Use Instructions

How Do I Use Or Apply Ellanse S?

Only allow a licensed medical practitioner to perform this procedure. Prior to the treatment, examine the patient’s condition and identify if they require any anesthetic administration. Disinfect the area to avoid any foreign substances or potential infection. Using a 27 G ¾” needle, inject the gel slowly to mid to deep layer of the skin dermis. Massage the area gently to allow an even distribution. Dispose any used needles, syringe, unused gel with proper aseptic techniques.

When Do I Use It?

This dermal filler aims to treat folds, volume loss, imperfections and marked defects on the skin. Suitable for those who wish to have a one-off treatment that has a long duration.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Specifically, it can treat nasolabial folds, frown lines, marionette lines and other pronounced creases on the face. You may also use it for augmentation or bridge of the nose definition, reducing appearance of scars and facial defects.

How Long Do Results Last?

Due to the ingredients, the filler can sustain its longevity up to 12 months after one treatment. No maintenance sessions are required.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

One session takes about 30 minutes. After the treatment, advise patients to avoid hot water and performing any vigorous exercise for 24 hours. Add sun protection factor (SPF) 30+ sunscreen and reduce exposure to the sun and ultra violet (UV) light for at least a week after treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy Ellanse S online from medicalsparx.com or phone our helpful customer service representatives to place your order and have answers to your queries. All your orders from Medical Spa RX can benefit from our convenient ordering process, attractive wholesale prices, and quick delivery. Browse through our other selections of Ellanse and other innovative dermal fillers, cosmetics, and medical supplies, to add to cart.

Licensed practitioners who want to offer an effective, long-lasting dermal filler may recommend this product to their patients. This unique formulation offers a dermal filler that stimulates the production of collagen, thus training the skin to develop its own healthy and protective layer. The advanced formulation of micro-spheres is a step forward in the beauty industry. Order high quality Ellanse S and receive our benefits. Receive our shipping benefits by purchasing it before 6.00PM EST. For a purchase of $1000 and above, we will waive the shipment fees. All packages are shipped out of the warehouse in two business days and will reach your address on an average of five to seven business days.

This product is applicable for adults looking for a one-time treatment to remove their marked defects, impurities, and improve their complexion. This also works for those who wish to sculpt their facial features with an option that requires less volume and number of treatments per year.

Some common side effects may occur such as redness, swelling, bruising at the injection site. These side effects are often mild and will resolve in under a week.

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