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FILLMED®  M-HA 10  distributors
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The origin of this product is Europe



active substances:

Hyaluronic Acid


10 mg/ml

pack size:

3-3ml pre-filled syringes

other names:

FILLMED M-HA 10® (3x3ml)


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Fillmed M-HA 10

Developed by Laboratories Filorga, Fillmed M-HA 10 is a pure hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is colorless, clear, sterile, transparent, viscoelastic, isotonic, and biodegradale. It helps deliver radiance and moisture to aging, dehydrated skin. In addition, Fillmed M-HA 10 can fill out fine lines for a more youthful appearance. This product improves tone and elasticity. It is intended for use in mesotherapy treatments.
Well tolerated: The hyaluronic acid in the formulation is from non-animal sources which decrease allergic reactions.
Combination treatment: This product can be used with other Fillmed products.

Package Contents

  • Package insert
  • Treatment needles
  • Three 3ml pre-filled syringes


Hyaluronic acid (10mg/ml): Hyaluronic acid moisturizes dry skin from within, while at the same time, lifting, and filling facial creases. As well, it also stimulates collagen and elastin to improve and elasticity. Furthermore, it acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin from free radical damage. It is naturally found within the body. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture and adds volume.

Side Effects

  • pain at the injection site
  • redness at the injection site
  • rash at the injection site
  • itchiness at the injection site
  • swelling at the injection site
  • discoloration
  • induration or nodules
  • granulomas
  • abscesses
  • hypersensitivity
  • necrosis when injected into the glabellar region

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