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What Is Osteoporosis?

The term osteoporosis is defined as bone that is porous. It is a bone health condition that causes the bones to become weak and subjects a person to several dangers due to the increasing risks of fractures. Individuals who are suffering from this condition will have a loss of bone mass and be lacking in strength. In extreme cases, a simple activity such as overarching, coughing, and the like may cause a bone fracture. Furthermore, the condition typically does not encounter symptoms during the early stage of the disease but instead is only realized when a person undergoes an incident that causes his bones to fracture easily. Common areas in which the disease affects bone health include but are not limited to the spine, hip, or wrist.

Bones inside the human body are living tissue that are always being replaced with new ones. The condition occurs when the rapid change of new tissue is no longer capable of keeping up with those that are broken down. While an average person will experience more bone growth until the age of thirty, it is estimated that after the age of thirty-five, a person will start experiencing more loss. Those suffering from the condition will experience an even heavier loss.

How Common Is Osteoporosis

Data from around the world showcases that a couple hundred million individuals are currently suffering from osteoporosis. Research also suggests females are more prone to developing this disease when compared to males. Based on collated information, women have four times higher risk of suffering the condition. While the condition affects all types of people regardless of gender or nationality, it has been noted that Caucasian and Asian females after reaching menopause are exposed to the largest amount of risk. The number of conditions associated continues to rise every year however there are support treatments that can be taken which may be able to mitigate the condition.

How Do You Treat Osteoporosis?

There is no exclusive singular support method that can be applied to resolve all cases of this disorder. Different individuals experience varying cases. In addition, each person’s body has a different way of reacting to other forms of treatment. Therefore, it is important to have a medical professional diagnose the patient to determine what the best solution would be and the steps which need to be taken in order to solve them.

General forms of dealing with osteoporosis range from taking medication, consuming vitamins, or exercising. There are also several forms of medication one may be prescribed ranging from hormone-related therapy, use of bisphosphonates, biologics, anabolic agents, or other supplement products.

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