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active substances:

PN: DNA Polymer


2ml-2 syringes


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Rejuran Healer is a product of the South Korean aesthetics company Rejuran Pharmaresearch Product, Inc. This cosmetic injectable is given to address the signs of chronological and photoaging by repairing skin damage and modulating the inflammatory response. This product is suitable for patients who are looking to correct the signs of aging such as minor wrinkles, sagging skin and skin roughness and dehydration. The active substances in this product are polynucleotides, which are macromolecules that have effects in wound healing and inflammation.
Naturally sourced ingredients: The polynucleotides contained in this product is extracted from a natural source (salmon germ cells) and not synthetically made.
Results last for six to 12 months: The results of treatment are significantly prolonged compared to other hydrating skinbooster treatments due to its collagen-stimulating effects.

  • Rejuran Healer Contents
  • 2 prefilled 2 ml syringes
  • Package insert


  • Polynucleotides (20 mg/ml): Polynucleotides are biological macromolecules consisting of multiple (13 or more) nucleotide monomers bonded together in a chain. These biological molecules work by stimulating fibroblast activity to increase collagen production, by acting as a physical scaffold upon which the extracellular matrix can build and grow, and by supplying the building blocks for DNA synthesis. These combined effects result in improved dermal density and texture, restored elasticity and a youthful looking appearance.

Rejuran Healer Side Effects

  • Transient bumps at injection sites
  • Transient swelling
  • Temporary redness
  • Bruising

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