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The origin of this product is Europe



active substances:




pack size:

1 x 3ml Pre-Filled Syringe, 2 x 23G 1” Needles


Package insert, 2-23G 1” needles, 2 traceability labels


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Product Description

Teosyal Ultimate is a unique volumizing filler designed to restore lost volume in wide areas such as cheeks, jawline and temples to sculpt facial contours. Teosyal PureSense Ultimate is designed to be used in the subcutaneous or pre-periosteum tissue. The product contains lidocaine, a powerful anaesthetic, for a more comfortable injection.fills subcutaneous depressions, restores the contours of the face, and is gradually resorbed into the body over time.

With the high cost of medical supplies today, medical professionals like doctors, cosmetic surgeons, hospitals and clinics need to save money, but how can you save money without sacrificing quality?

The best way to do this is by purchasing TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE and other cosmetic fillers from MedicalSpaRX. We buy supplies like TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE from the lowest-priced wholesale suppliers and pass the savings onto our customers like you. Buy TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE online at MedicalSpaRX.com or contact our knowledgeable customer service team to find out how.

Why would cosmetic surgeons like yourself purchase Teosyal® Ultimate to treat your patients?

Teoxane Laboratories created TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE to tackle the deepest depressions in your patient’s face.

What else can you use Teosyal® Ultimate to correct?

In addition to filling in facial depressions, you can use TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE to plump your patient’s cheeks. Where do you inject Teosysal ULTIMATE? Unlike most TEOSYAL® formulas, doctors like you should inject TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE beneath your patient’s dermis for the biggest effect. TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE was designed to be used this way.
Your patients may ask you, when you inject TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE beneath my dermis, what is the process it uses to plump my skin? You can tell them that TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE works by injecting Hyaluronic Acid into the skin, which attracts water molecules until it increases in size a thousand-fold. This adds volume to your patient’s face to give them larger cheeks or fill in areas of their face that may have sunken with age.
TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE is one of the longest-lasting dermal fillers, and when your patients buy TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE treatments, they will see an immediate improvement with the results lasting about 12-18 months. Who wouldn’t want to look younger, longer? Help your patients achieve that dream by ordering TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE from MedicalSpaRX today.

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