Introduction To Facial Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are sterile gels that are safe for the human body and injected under the skin for aesthetic and medical purposes. They are supposed to fill the cavities, wrinkles, or hollows visible on the skin from the inside and retain their shape till they naturally dissolve. These gels may consist of a variety of substances, almost all of which are identical to substances found in the human body and are naturally processed and absorbed without a trace by the human metabolic system sometime later. The only exception is partially degradable PMMA filler.

These substances may have varying degrees of viscosity and density, from being very soft, almost fluid, to very dense and springy. In addition, some fillers may solidify under the skin after the injection, thus creating a tiny implant.

What Face Areas Can Be Treated With Facial Dermal Fillers?

Practically every face area can be treated with a dedicated type of filler. Such fillers are distinguished by composition, viscosity, and density. 

Namely, if we look at the FDA-approved facial areas and problems that can be treated with different types of filler, they will include (but not exclusively):

– Forehead wrinkles and glabella wrinkles

– Temple hollows

– Crow’s feet

– Under-eye hollows

– Cheekbones and cheeks

– Wrinkles in the nasolabial area

– Perioral wrinkles

– Lips

– Jawline

– Acne scars on cheeks and chin

– Some other types of scars create subdermal hollows

– Spot-like loss of fat in facial tissues (due to age or illness).

The FDA strictly forbids injecting facial fillers into other body areas like buttocks, breasts, or other big cavities. The only exception can be made for back-of-hand treatment after a physician’s approval.

Today, the best fillers for the face that are medically approved consist of one of the following substances. They are physiologically compatible with the human body, do not trigger a rejection reaction, and are safely dissolved by the body as a part of the metabolic process.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are probably the most popular and known products today because of their safety and versatility. Hyaluronic acid is commonly found in tissues of the human body, whether in the skin or joints and synovial fluid. Its key task in the body is to retain water in tissues and areas where lubrication and moisture are essential for proper functioning and health, like joint pouches, skin, or eyes.

For medical purposes, hyaluronic acid is created in the lab from bacteria or extracted from avian products (in some cases). Lab-created acid is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with a severe reaction to allergens. 

Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA)

This substance is also found in the human body and is physiologically compatible and safe. Since it’s a mineral-like substance, it’s located in bones, and its wide medical application is in dentistry and restorative plastic surgery. Due to its outstanding filling and shape-restoring properties, it was introduced into the facial restoration and enhancement realm. The filler is used for particularly severe cases of wrinkling or loss of facial shape (like in cheeks). 

The product is created in the lab, in biosynthetic mode, so no animal products are involved. It makes it excellent for patients with sensitivities. 

Poly-L-lactic Acid (PLLA)

This filler is created of the synthetic polymer of lactic acid, biodegradable and biocompatible, with a long history of successful application in drug delivery processes, orthopedics, and sutures. The ability to stimulate collagen production in the body made PLLA a welcomed addition to the family of safe and efficient injectable dermal fillers brands.

PLLA features a very high molecular weight compared to its ‘parent’ – L-lactic acid. This weight achieved through polymerization makes the filler resistant to fast degradation, so the FDA has officially approved its ‘expiry date’ in the body after injection at the impressive 25 months (i.e., two years of lasting results). 

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)

The gel with polymethylmethacrylate beads is a semi-permanent filler used for areas where permanent results or a very heavy-duty performance is required, like deep nasolabial folds and highly noticeable scars. PMMA beads have long been used as spacers and antibiotic carriers for the treatment of bone conditions and for implantation. In the filler, PMMA beads are suspended in collagen that provides the required viscous environment.

Since PMMA is a semi-permanent, the first treatment will likely require a smaller portion of the gel, and after the evaluation of the result, the exact amount will be added to achieve a natural and smooth appearance. 

Signs of aging do not spare anyone, and for some people, wrinkles, skin sagging, and loss of facial fat can happen much earlier than expected due to individual metabolism or genetics. A worsening appearance can impact the self-esteem and mood of a person, so maintaining a fresh and healthy look is also essential for psychological well-being. And that’s where the popular and medically tested best face fillers come to the rescue. 


Brief overview of the filler and its pricing

Juvederm has become almost a common name as probably the best facial filler. It consists of purified and cross-linked hyaluronic acid, has several filler varieties depending on the density and viscosity of the gel, and is universal in application since it is made of a substance inherently found in the human body. Aestheticians may employ this filler to treat all facial areas, including lips and glabella, without fear of triggering unwanted aesthetic effects or health complications. It can assist in filling wrinkles, plumping and smoothing facial lines, and restoring volume. The product is fully dissolved by the body over time.

Longevity of effect: declared longevity is from 6 to 12 months, depending on the gel texture. Yet individual metabolism can impact the longevity of the result as well.

Price range: from $149 to $549, depending on the exact filler type. If you buy Juvederm products online on you get the most affordable options and absolute quality of the item.


Brief overview of the filler and its pricing

Radiesse includes a range of fillers intended for application in different face areas. The main ingredient of the product is Calcium Hydroxylapatite microbeads suspended in a sterile gel for smooth injecting. The filler is excellent for wrinkles of varying depths, yet usually, it’s best applied to stubborn nasolabial folds. Since the filler also boosts collagen production in the body, it can be used to augment the backs of hands in case of visible volume loss. The gel is biocompatible, non-animal, and medically approved. 

Longevity of effect: up to 18 months, after which maintaining injections are needed. 

Price range: from $245 to $449, depending on the filling volume. With such pricing, it’s reasonable to buy Radiesse products online on because of wholesale rates that somewhat reduce the costs for you. 


Brief overview of the filler and its pricing

Teosyal is one more facial filler type that has become a symbol of efficiency and quality. This filler is made of purified non-animal hyaluronic acid of different degrees of cross-linking. This technology allows the creation of gels of varying density for treating a wide spectrum of problems, from loss of volume in the face, hands, and décolleté to micro-improvements for tiny wrinkles in delicate face areas. Teosyal is outstanding in its universality of application, so that a medical specialist can create a comprehensive medical toolkit with many types of facial filler from this brand alone. The product is physiologically safe and biodegradable, so maintaining treatment may be needed. 

Longevity of effect: from 8 months to one year, depending on the filler type.

Price range: from $89 to $158 to $359, depending on the filler type. If such price spread worries you, buy Teosyal products online on with the lowest wholesale pricing available.


Brief overview of the filler and its pricing

Restylane is a go-to filler when it’s necessary to deploy an efficient yet affordable filling agent. This family of gels is made of non-animal hyaluronic acid, purified, and cross-linked for enhanced filling and smoothing effect. The different degrees of fluidity and resilience of filling gels make them indispensable in a variety of facial treatments, from augmenting lips or cheek shapes to eliminating moderate and severe wrinkling in movable face areas. The additional benefit of this brand is that it offers a filler with hydrating effect (Skinboosters line) that moisturizes the skin from the inside and maintains its vitality and glow.

Longevity of effect: 6 months – 1 year, depending on the area treated and the individual metabolism of a patient.

Price range: from $88 to $209, making it one of the most affordable ones. The reason to buy Restylane products online on – really low prices never compromise the quality.


Brief overview of the filler and its pricing

Belotero is a time-tested solution for multiple skin aging and dehydration problems, as well as for lips enhancement. This filler consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (non-animal) and is biodegradable and fully biocompatible. It’s also suitable for patients with allergies to animal products. Belotero is supplied as a variety of types of filler for the face, depending on thickness and intended application. This filler type can be employed to treat wrinkles (shallow and deep), lip augmentation, restoration of facial contour, and even intra-skin hydration. Since the gel is biodegradable, repeated injections may be required over time.

Longevity of effect: from 6 months to one year, depending on the texture, area of treatment, and other factors.

Price range: $139 to $349. Since this brand can be quite pricey, buy Belotero products online on to find real deals on the products you need.


Brief overview of the filler and its pricing

This hyaluronic acid filler is unique in its cross-linking technology (Thixofix) that builds microscopic spherical particles, moldable and easy to inject. Thus, the gel is resistant to deformation, yet at the same time, easily put into a required shape. This filler is excellent for treating superficial imperfections, from lines and folds to loss of volume or moisture. The product was designed in various textures to cater to different patients’ complaints and needs. As with all hyaluronic fillers, Revanesse is processed by the body over time, so that replenishing injections will be required.

Longevity of effect: from 6 months to one year. Some patients reported longevity of two years.

Price range: $139 – $149. Since this affordable filler is rather popular, buy Revanesse products online on wholesale or at wholesale prices to cut costs on big lot purchases.


Brief overview of the filler and its pricing

Sculptra consists of poly-L-lactic acid, which makes it a very long-lasting filler. Its particularity is that it induces the production of additional collagen in the tissues, so that it can be applied in facial areas with significant losses of fat or volume (cheeks, cheekbones, chin, etc.). The filler is suitable for wrinkles treatment as well. The product is safe, biocompatible, and degradable, which means it dissolves without a trace over time.

Longevity of effect: up to 25 months (FDA-confirmed time).

Price range: $479 (different dosages or varieties can have slightly different price tags). This unique filler is not cheap, so buy Sculptra products online on where the prices are the most reasonable and affordable.

Prompts On Choosing A Really Good Facial Filler

The main parameters to consider are as follows: 

– The area to be treated,

– The individual health concerns of a patient.

Facial areas differ in sensitivity and possible reactions, so what works for lips may not work for cheek contouring and vice versa. Next, some patients may have an allergy to animal products or other components of fillers, so it should be clarified in advance. 

Finally, it’s recommended to check if a filler is approved by medical authorities and has a history of successful application. If all conditions match, it is a perfect filler for a given situation. 

Warning! The described products are medical supplies intended purely for professional use by licensed medical practitioners in a clinical setting under the supervision and with follow-up checkups. Any unprofessional application of products by people without medical education and license may result in severe adverse effects or permanent health damage for a patient. 


Do side effects of facial fillers last long, and what is normal?

Side effects are usually caused by mechanical intervention into the skin and the introduction of the product into the body. Side effects should last for up to two days and then disappear entirely. It will signify the normal process of filler adaptation in the body.

Are facial fillers able to fix facial asymmetry?

It depends less on a filler than on a professional who performs treatments. An experienced aesthetician can suggest the optimal solution for fixing face asymmetry and select the proper filler for the task. So yes, a filler can help, but only in the hands of a qualified injector.

To let the filler settle and take final shape properly, indeed, sleeping on one’s back is recommended. Yet it is only for one or two days maximum. Then it is safe to return to usual sleeping habits.

Are there fillers used by practically everyone or most often? What are they?

Currently, hyaluronic acid filler brands are the most popular and sought-after treatments, with other formulations closely following. It is explained by the ease of application and safety of hyaluronic acid as a substance native to the human body. Yet the specific problem may call for a particular filler with certain properties, like permanence or the ability to induce the production of collagen.


We’ve provided a guide to popular facial fillers so that you can deliver the best treatment and positive results to patients with a bunch of aesthetic problems. Aging, wrinkles, and dehydration are all highly visible on human skin, and loss of fresh look may damage a patient’s self-image and well-being. That’s why only the best solutions will do in aesthetic treatment, and you can find some of the most suitable options here. 

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