DUROLANE® 60mg/3ml  distributors
DUROLANE® 60mg/3ml  distributors
DUROLANE® 60mg/3ml  distributors
DUROLANE® 60mg/3ml  distributors

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The origin of this product is Europe



active substances:

Sodium hyaluronate



pack size:

1-3ml prefilled syringe


Package insert


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Each package contains 1 syringe pre-filled with 3ml of sterile, viscoelastic Durolane gel. A product information leaflet is also included, where details on side effects, contraindications, and precautions associated with this treatment may be located. Protect the product from freezing or extreme heat. Store it at room temperature or up to 30°C in its original packaging.


Durolane is a FDA-approved medical device that relieves the pain of knee or hip osteoarthritis. It is a single injection of a safe, bioresorbable viscosupplement called NASHA. This technology contains a high level of stabilized hyaluronic acid, a naturally-produced substance in the body that is responsible for hydrating, lubricating, and cushioning the joints. Use Durolane for a nonsurgical way to restore your patients’ quality of life.


  • The injection directly treats the weakened joint
  • May help in delaying joint replacement surgery
  • Simple and quick nonsurgical administration process
  • An alternative to medication


  • Hyaluronic acid (stabilized, 20 mg/ml)
  • Sodium chloride solution, pH 7 q.s.

Ingredients Information

This product’s NASHA technology consists of stabilized, non-animal hyaluronic acid. A proprietary bacterial fermentation process is used to create this substance, promising almost no risk of allergies and impurities upon injection.
Hyaluronic acid is an important molecule in the body’s soft tissues, cartilage, and synovial joints, helping to keep these areas functioning optimally. Patients with knee osteoarthritis have depleted levels of this key substance in their joints, causing them to lose lubrication and become rigid. This triggers an inflammatory response, which causes severe discomfort in the affected joint. Overall, this limits mobility and reduces overall quality of life.
Thankfully, the introduction of a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (such as that in Durolane) into the affected joint lubricates and supports the knees, thus reducing pain and discomfort. Subsequently, this improves mobility and improves the patient’s wellbeing.
What’s more, the molecular stabilization of NASHA allows the effects of this treatment to last longer. And, since the body responds safely to this treatment, Durolane’s ingredients guarantee efficient fusion into the synovial joint without anaphylactic or immunological reactions.

Use Instructions

How Do You Use The Durolane?

Identify the affected site and clean it via antiseptic guidelines prior to the injection. You may use local anesthetics to reduce pain and discomfort during the injection process.
Using an 18 to 22G needle, withdraw any excess fluid or joint effusion present at the site. Using the same needle, perform an intra-articular injection to the affected site and avoid damaging adjacent vital structures. Observe strict aseptic techniques.
For the hip joint, perform the injection with the assistance of a contrast medium fluoroscopic control or ultrasonographic control to achieve better accuracy.
After the treatment, safely dispose of any needle, syringe and unused gel after the treatment.

When Should I Use This Product?

This injection is applicable on weakened synovial joints. Physicians and licensed medical practitioners must identify and confirm that the cause of discomfort is osteoarthritis before proceeding with this treatment.

What Areas Can I Treat This Product?

Knee, hip or shoulder joints may be treated with a dosage of 3 ml
Elbows or ankles may be treated with 1 to 2 ml
Thumbs or smaller synovial joints should be treated with 1 ml

How Long Does The Product Last?

A single injection has a duration of effect of 6–9 months, and delays the need for replacement therapy. Clients should receive only 1 injection every 3 months, at a maximum of 4 per year.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

Each treatment session will take roughly 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the condition of the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase Durolane online from medicalsparx.com or phone one of our friendly customer service personnel for more enquiries. We will ship the product out from our warehouse on the same day or the next business day if we receive your orders before 6:00PM EST. Orders that are $1000 and above will receive a wholesale discount and have no shipping fees. We charge a $50 shipment fee for orders below $1000. We will deliver all products to your doorstep on an average of 5–7 business days.

Rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, and medical professionals who are trained to perform injections at synovial joints may use this product. The treatment is suitable for clients who are experiencing pain due to osteoarthritis or require extra pain relief from physical therapy.

Many osteoarthritis patients want to have better mobility and feel less pain. As a less painful alternative to joint replacement therapy, Durolane is an excellent way to provide increased mobility to patients.

Remind patients to avoid any strenuous or aggressive activities, such as long walks, jogging or exercise, for at least 2 days after the procedure. Transient pain, swelling and/or stiffness may occur with mild to moderate intensity at the injection site. If the side effects last more than 1 week, patients should contact a physician. Refer to the product pamphlet for more information.

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