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    DYSPORT® 500u 2 vials  distributors
    DYSPORT® 500u 2 vials  distributors
    DYSPORT® 500u 2 vials  distributors
    DYSPORT® 500u 2 vials  distributors

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    Product Description

    DYSPORT® is a local muscle relaxant (or neuromuscular blocking agent) adapted from the botulinum neuromodulator type-A and is used in both aesthetic and therapeutic indications. Dysport® is indicated for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines associated with procerus and corrugator muscle activity in adult patients less than 65 years of age. A local muscle relaxant (or neuromuscular blocking agent) adapted from the botulinum neuromodulator type-A and is used in both aesthetic and therapeutic indications.

    Where can I buy DYSPORT®?

    When your patients want an anti-aging treatment using botulinum toxin, there are other options besides the most famous brand, such as DYSPORT®. You can purchase DYSPORT® 500U online from Medicalsparx.com for a low wholesale price, or you can phone one of our friendly customer service agents to buy DYSPORT® 500U today. With DYSPORT®, you can relax frown lines on your patient’s face, giving them smoother, younger-looking skin.

    What is DYSPORT® and how does it work to correct facial wrinkles?

    DYSPORT®, also known as abobotulinumtoxinA, is a neuromuscular blocking agent made from botulinum toxin type A. Over time, wrinkles and lines such as frown lines form on your patient’s face as muscles repeatedly contract and tighten. When you inject DYSPORT® into your patient’s skin, this neurotoxin blocks the signal from your patient’s nerves to their muscles. The muscles beneath your patient’s skin relax, and since they are not contracting, they do not form frown lines on the surface of your patient’s skin. This results in smoother skin for your patients and a younger appearance.

    How does DYSPORT® differ from BOTOX®?

    DYSPORT® 500U is made from botulinum toxin type A (onabotulinumtoxinA) as is BOTOX®. DYSPORT® and BOTOX® are similar, although they may differ in cost, dosage, and effect. Some patients and doctors prefer the look of DYSPORT® when treating crow’s lines, but overall patients and doctors might prefer DYSPORT® or BOTOX® or notice no difference at all. Some claim that DYSPORT® takes effect quicker and lasts longer. Some cosmetic surgeons also like to alternate between using DYSPORT® and using BOTOX®, since some patients may get “BOTOX® burnout” and stop responding to BOTOX® after time. Choosing DYSPORT® versus BOTOX® may come down to a matter of preference, although many patients still prefer to ask for BOTOX® by name.

    Who can DYSPORT® 500U help?

    DYSPORT® is approved for treating severe frown lines between the eyes, otherwise known as glabellar lines, in patients under the age of 65. However, DYSPORT® can help your patients who have crow’s feet or wrinkles in other locations on their face, as well as a variety of other medical conditions such as cervical dystonia, back pain, twitches, overactive bladder, and excessive sweating. DYSPORT® has been used to successfully treat both women and men for a variety of cosmetic and medical conditions.

    Why might DYSPORT® side effects be a concern for my patients?

    When you give your patients DYSPORT® injections, there are some possible side effects they should be aware of. DYSPORT® side effects could include problems speaking, swallowing or even breathing. As well, when you inject patients with DYSPORT® 500U, there is a chance that the toxic effects will spread throughout your patient’s body and cause botulism symptoms, like muscle weakness, vision problems, drooping eyelids, hoarseness, and loss of bladder control. As well, since DYSPORT® contains albumin from human blood, there is an extremely rare chance of viral diseases being spread through DYSPORT® injections. When you give your patients DYSPORT® injections, there is also the risk that the needle could cause minor and temporary side effects such as pain, tenderness, bruising, itching, and redness at the injection site. Your patients should inform you if they are pregnant or nursing, as well as let you know what medications they are on. Only licensed medical practitioners should inject DYSPORT® into patients.

    When does DYSPORT® start to take effect and how long do results last?

    The effects of DYSPORT® injections are not immediate, but some patients may see a difference as early as the day after their treatment. DYSPORT® will usually last about four to six months in most patients, although it does vary. When you order DYSPORT® from Medicalsparx.com today, you get the lowest wholesale price, and you can start helping your patients feel younger and more beautiful as soon as possible.

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