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There was a time when the typical cosmetic surgery patient was a woman, but those times are changing. If you have noticed more men coming into your medical spa lately, you are not alone.

According to the Medihair study, there were more than 230 thousand male cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States in 2021. Savvy medical spas are jumping on this trend, encouraging men to visit for a consultation.

1. Botulinum Toxin – 428,542 Treatments

Perhaps not surprisingly, botulinum toxin injections top the list of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men, gaining even more popularity each year. Botox® is one of the best-known wrinkle treatments, and like women, men know the injections can help soften the look of glabellar lines and other facial wrinkles.

Men prefer minimally-invasive treatments like these cosmetic injections that they can get on their lunch hour with minimal side effects. They can pop out of the office, get their wrinkle-relaxing shot, and everyone else will be none the wiser.

Men are just as concerned as women about losing their youth, and they know that keeping a youthful look can help them stay competitive in the corporate world and in the dating scene.

Some men are also discovering alternative uses for botulinum toxin injections, like treating excessive sweating. Even in a three-piece suit at a high-pressure meeting, Botox® can help men reduce the chance of an embarrassing, sweaty stain on their underarms.

2. Laser Hair Removal – 187,784 Treatments

Back in the seventies, a hairy chest was the sign of a man’s man, but women’s preferences have changed drastically over the years. Most women these days appreciate a man with some manscaping, keeping his chest hair, back hair, and other areas under control.

Although waxing and shaving can help, many men are turning to laser hair removal treatments as a more convenient option, keeping the hair away without extra hassle or extra pain in their morning routine.

Some men opt to remove all the hair in an area, while others prefer to simply thin the hair, keeping the manly chest hair their mom promised from eating their Brussels sprouts but dodging the appearance of a well-trained gorilla.

3. Microdermabrasion – 147,020 Treatments

Another cosmetic procedure popular with men is microdermabrasion. Just like women, men are discovering how microdermabrasion treatments can help rejuvenate their skin. Men tend to pay less attention to skin care than women, so over the course of their life, dead skin cells can begin to build up.

As it gently sandblasts the skin, the microdermabrasion treatment can remove these dead skin cells to reveal brighter-looking skin below with less visible fine lines, brown spots and other sun damage, and acne scars.

Men appreciate how minimally-invasive this procedure is, allowing them to pop into your medical spa for a skin refresh on their lunch hour.

4. Chemical Peel – 99,243 Treatments

Chemical peels are another minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure popular with both men and women. These treatments are becoming increasingly popular with men, allowing them to peel away their dead skin cells for a brighter, less etched complexion.

Chemical peels can help men with similar complaints to women, such as fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, and pores, but they can also help men with those irritating ingrown facial hairs. Like microdermabrasion, men can enjoy a chemical peel in a quick medical spa visit, and it can feel less like a cosmetic procedure because it does not involve scalpels or needles.

Some spa owners find men will come in for a mild chemical peel, and after seeing its results, they begin asking about other, more invasive procedures.

5. Dermal Fillers – 96,593 Treatments

Dermal fillers are not only popular with ladies; they are popular with men, too. The injections of hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, or other ingredients have become increasingly popular.

Although they do involve a needle, these treatments are minimally-invasive, and men appreciate the ability to complete the treatment on their lunch break with no downtime, keeping their youthful secret from judgmental friends. Just like women, men hope to reduce the look of wrinkles and facial folds that deepen with age.

Some men also opt for filler injections to enhance their masculine features, such as their jawline, giving them a more sculpted look.

6. Laser Skin Resurfacing – 73,175 Treatments

Laser skin resurfacing has jumped in popularity in the past few years, using pulses of light to help correct the look of wrinkles and scars in women and men. This is another minimally-invasive procedure men can complete within two hours, although recovery can take a few days. Similar to a peel, the procedure helps remove the dead skin cells that have built up, revealing a brighter and smoother skin texture.

7. Rhinoplasty – 53,248 Treatments

Rhinoplasty, the reshaping of the nose, is one of the prominent plastic surgeries for men. Although the procedure is becoming less popular than in the past, many men turn to surgery to help reshape a nose they find to be too large or uneven.

Some men instead turn to less-invasive versions of rhinoplasty, such as dermal filler treatments that can help add volume to certain areas of the nose to adjust its shape.

8. Blepharoplasty – 29,906 Treatments

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is another popular plastic surgery for men. The procedure helps correct under-eye bags and drooping skin above the eyes, which can give men an aged appearance and possibly even affect their vision.

The surgery helps correct these problems, restoring men to a more awake and youthful eye appearance.

9. Laser Vein Treatment – 27,599 Treatments

Varicose veins are not just a problem for older women, with men accounting for about a quarter of those suffering from bulging veins, swelling, and heavy-feeling legs. Men are increasingly turning to minimally-invasive laser treatments to help seal the veins, reducing their appearance along with the symptoms.

10. Breast Reduction for Gynecomastia – 27,456 Treatments

One popular cosmetic surgery treatment is unique to men: breast reduction for gynecomastia. Although many women opt to have their breast size increased, and some opt for a decrease, most men would rather not have these breasts that are caused by hormones, genetics, or weight changes.

Men are increasingly turning to plastic surgeons to remove their embarrassing breasts, with surgical procedures removing excess fat and glandular tissue for a more masculine look. Some men may also opt for less-invasive breast reduction options such as fat removal injections. These injections of deoxycholic acid help break down fat cells to give areas of the body, such as the breasts, a slimmer appearance.

If you are used to catering to a female clientele at your medical spa, it may be time to rethink your marketing. Faced with the same wrinkles and sags as women, more and more men are embracing the benefits of cosmetic procedures. If you need facial fillers, chemical peels, and fat-removal solutions such as Aqualyx, visit to stock up on the aesthetic treatments men want, including Fillmed.