A happy woman with a wreath of colorful flowers is satisfied with the use of Juvederm for Marionette Lines Treatment

Marionette lines are the creases or wrinkles that run from the corner of the mouth downwards to the chin. It is a distinct mark that helps create the general impression of the face. Depending on the facial structure, an individual can develop prominent lines with as they get older.

These lines occur as the fatty tissues of the cheek deflate and the skin sags during the aging process. The ligaments around the mouth and chin are looser and more relaxed due to the loss of significant connective tissues, especially collagen and elastin. When these lines are extremely stark in appearance, they can create facial expression that connotes unhappiness or anger.

Juvederm: hyaluronic acid for marionette lines

Recent dermatology developments have shown that the best way to treat and eliminate lines is by lifting the cheek tissue away from the area of the mouth using implants or fillers. These facial fillers, although temporary, are shown to have a critical improvement on the area by smoothing out the skin and creating a bright, radiant complexion.

The sugar molecule hyaluronic acid is a highly compatible and safe implant within the dermal layer. This comes as a no surprise since the substance is naturally produced in the body; however, as people age there is an overall decline in hyaluronic acid’s concentration in the body. This adverse development helps spur the formation of marionette lines and other skin imperfections. Once implanted, the new hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and provides ample nutrients for the collagen production. Researchers and physicians have come to the conclusion that replacing hyaluronic acid content may help in reviving the skin’s integrity and vitality without introducing any foreign particles.

Which Juvederm fillers works best for marionette lines?

Juvederm is a family of hyaluronic acid-based cosmetic fillers that is indicated for various aging concerns. These injectables are safe for injecting into the dermal layer as a form of facial restoration. Instead of excavating the substance from animals, the hyaluronic acid used for this brand is purely fermented from Streptococcus bacteria. It is later processed using a reticulating agent to form a sturdier network of monophasic hyaluronic acid. Each filler in the Juvederm family of products differs in respect to particle sizes, concentration, and the degree of cross-linking in order to be uniquely suited for certain facial issues and to be able to be stabilized within different facial structures.

Practitioners often use Juvederm Ultra XC, also known as Juvederm Ultra 2, to correct mild-to-moderate lines and wrinkles, or Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, also known as Juvederm Ultra 3, to improve more severe creases and folds. Included in the XC formulation is the anesthetic lidocaine, which is a substance that helps to reduce pain and improve patient comfort during the injection.

Should I get treatment with Juvederm?

Juvederm is a safe and effective filler that is used worldwide. Patients love the natural-looking and long-lasting results and doctors appreciate its efficacy. If you want to rid yourself of marionette lines, talk to a licensed injector for more information about Juvederm fillers and how they can help!