Are Orthovisc and Supartz made from the same ingredients?

Supartz is a non-surgical, non-pharmacologic therapy for knee osteoarthritis. This product is made from highly purified sodium hyaluronate, which is otherwise known as hyaluronic acid. These hyaluronans are harvested from the top of rooster combs. Similarly, Orthovisc is also used as a viscosupplement to relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis. It differs from other viscosupplements because this viscosupplement is made from bacterial cells.

How should osteoarthritis be treated?

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting almost 3.3% of the world’s population. This degenerative disease causes the cartilage in the joints to deteriorate. Physical therapy and/or pharmacological methods are used to treat osteoarthritis, depending on the patient and the severity of their disease. Patients who fail to respond to these medical advances might consider viscosupplementation. This medical procedure includes injecting the inflamed joint with viscoelastic gel. This gel mimics the synovial fluid, the same fluid whose efficacy as a shock absorber and lubricator for joints afflicted with osteoarthritis is reduced. This procedure might also help postpone the pressure for corrective surgery. Two of the most popular brands of viscosupplementation are Orthovisc and Supartz.

Both the viscosupplements are designed to be injected intraarticularly into the affected joint(s).

Is treatment with Orthovisc vs Supartz the same?

The full course of treatment for both Orthovisc and Supartz includes one intraarticular injection once a week for three weeks. However, some patients may require a fourth injection of Orthovisc, while others might need up to five injections of Supartz. The desired effects of either of these viscosupplements typically last up to six months.

Does Orthovisc have fewer side effects than Supartz?

For Supartz, some common side effects after an injection of it can include joint pain, nausea, and a skin reaction on the injection site. As for Orthovisc, common side effects are itching, numbing, joint pain, stiffness, and swelling. Both viscosupplements can cause mild side effects; however, if you are hypersensitive or allergic to avian products, you may want to consider Orthovisc to reduce to risk of an allergic reaction.

Can I treat other joints with Orthovisc and Supartz?

Clinical trials and medical tests prove that Orthovisc and Synvisc provide adequate relief for patients with knee joints affected by osteoarthritis. While these products are yet to be proven safe for treating synovial joints other than the knee, both these viscosupplements are used to treat other joints, such as the elbows, hips, and shoulders.

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How much does each treatment cost?

The full cost of treatment for Supartz is around $900 to $1,000. As for Orthovisc, the full course of treatment can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $1,500. However, both Supartz and Orthovisc should be covered by most insurance plans.