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One of the key features of a person’s appearance is the lips. When it comes to aging, there are many indications that should be taken into consideration, such as the thinning of the lips, the loss of the Cupid’s bow, and the appearance of vertical wrinkles. A major outcome from lip augmentation or correction is to have a scar-free result that is safe, natural-looking, and volumizing.

Radiesse and its collagen regeneration microspheres

Dermal fillers are one of the viable tools that can be used for lip augmentation. Radiesse, an approved dermal filler, provides a safe and sterile injectable implant that is biocompatible. The synthetic microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) are capable of providing temporary volumization and stimulating fibroblastic activity. The deposited particles become the scaffold for the new collagen network.

The microparticles, having similar characteristics as the human bone and teeth, will disintegrate on their own as they converted into phosphate and calcium ions via phagocytic activity. The remaining collagen will endure for 12 months or more.

Ways to administer Radiesse in the lips

Radiesse is a time- and cost-effective treatment. The results are immediate if the injector fully understands the instructions. With proper care, the patient will need minimal downtime and will be at less risk of developing complications.

Lip augmentation requires a great understanding of delicate anatomy and lip augmentation techniques. To reduce any pain experienced during the injection, perform a troncular anesthesia in the mouth. This is a procedure that blocks the mental nerve blocks and the infraorbital nerve blocks.

For the treatment, use a 27-gauge needle to advance into a point in between the mucosal border and the orbicularis oris muscle. At least two puncture wounds are required in both corners of the mouth for each side of the lip’s length. For better accuracy, hold the lip using the thumb and forefinger of the non-dominant hand.

Each type of augmentation demands a different dose. A maximum dose of 0.5ml of Radiesse is adequate for vermillion enhancement. To increase the lip volume, inject a deeper second line, and slowly administer no more than 1ml of Radiesse.

When it comes to removing lines or rhytids on the lips, do not directly plunge Radiesse into the vertical lines, as doing so can result in small bumps. Linear threading technique is appropriate for stretching out the mucosal skin with the filler volume.

Final result(s) and outcome

To achieve the expected/desired result, gently massage the area of treatment after Radiesse has been injected to fix the product into the desired shape. The ideal result is natural-looking, supple, and fuller lips. Radiesse can maintain such a look for one to two years, depending on the dose and an individual’s metabolic rate. If the patient is satisfied with the results, they can request maintenance treatments.

If you are looking for a treatment that can help augment the lips for a fuller pout, talk to your doctor today. This long-lasting filler is quickly becoming a favorite for many who want to experience plump and full lips for longer.