Marionette lines are one of the visible signs of aging. These wrinkles appear from either corner of the mouth and run downwards to the chin. Someone who has prominent marionette lines are often mistaken for having a perpetually upset or sullen face.

The deepening of the crease is a result of the deflation of the cheek due to the loss of the fatty tissues. It also loses its resilience and elasticity because of the degradation of significant connective tissues, like collagen and elastin, that helps to string the ligaments together near the mouth and chin.

Additionally, extrinsic factors, including both environmental stressors and social behavior, contributes to the severity of the lines. Other than habitual facial expressions, the photo-damaging effects of the sun and pollutants, smoke, excessive alcohol consumption, and/or smoking can make the skin more fragile.

Reviving the aging skin with hyaluronic acid

In the last decade, the aesthetics industry has increasingly focused on cosmetic fillers. Such fillers have advanced dramatically, moving from silicone to collagen implants to hyaluronic acid, which has been found to be a remarkable substance that can correct aging skin.

With marionette lines, it is ideal to replace the lost volume of the dermal layer with a filler that is biocompatible and durable. Hyaluronic acid (HA) satisfies both of these qualities, as it is originally a water binding sugar molecule found within the extracellular matrix of the skin. Its affinity to moisture helps to hydrate and provide volume for the skin, making it appear plumper and healthier.

From these properties alone, it is to no surprise that HA has become the content of choice for many cosmetic fillers. Although hyaluronic acid-based fillers are temporary, they can be administrated multiple times for the maintenance of results. Plus, these types of fillers ensure a low risk of reaction to foreign particles.

Removing marionette lines with restylane

Offering a huge line of trustworthy HA cosmetic fillers, Restylane is a brand that addresses different indications of aging on the face, neck, hands, and other minor parts of the body. Available as a clear, colorless gel of 20mg/ml HA, it is injected into the various degrees of the subcutaneous layer to correct fine lines and wrinkles, add volume, and make the skin more radiant.

Restylane gel is made up of HA extracted from the biofermentation process of the Streptococcus species of bacteria. The strands of HA in Restylane have undergone the NASHA process to stabilize the gel for a firmer, more precise gel texture. This means that Restylane can endure rapid enzymatic degradation and has a stronger capacity to integrate itself with the neighboring tissues while stimulating neocollagenesis.

Optimal Balance Technology (OBT) is used in some Restylane products to helps soften lines while maintaining the natural articulations of facial expressions, such as smiling. As a result, products such as Restylane Refyne and Defyne have a softer texture that is more evenly distributed.

Restylane cosmetic fillers are a safe alternative to surgery and fat grafting. Quick and easy, it requires only an average of 30 minutes to complete the procedure. For moderate to severe marionette lines, inject into the mid-to-deep dermis with slow pressure. The optimal volume for correction is generally about 1.0ml per treatment site. For added comfort, apply a topical lidocaine cream before proceeding with the injection.

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Quick return to daily lifestyle

With minimal invasiveness, the patient can easily return to their daily routine with minimal downtime after a Restylane injection. It is advisable for the injector to gently massage the gel for natural sculpting within the skin and to apply an ice pack on the site to lower the risk of swelling. Minor adverse effects may include bruising, redness, tenderness, and slight pain for one or two weeks.

Testimonials on Restylane treatment are often highly positive. If the patient is satisfied with the treatment, they can extend the benefits for up to 18 months by scheduling a maintenance session either four and a half months or nine months after the initial treatment. Otherwise, the treatment is reversible using hyaluronidase.

Restylane is an effective HA-based cosmetic filler that can restore a youthful appearance in the skin in a short time. The impressive track record of the brand testifies to its safety and effectiveness. Indeed, with Restylane, the marionette lines can be softened out.