the face of a woman who got rid of bags under her eyes with Restylane

Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags with Restylane

The presence of dark circles under eyes or bulging eye bags are visually unappealing. Such conditions under the eyes develop as it loses the amount of fat and muscle strength to support the eyelids. Fluid that accumulates in the area can also cause extreme puffiness. Contrary to popular beliefs, however, these conditions are not only caused by fatigue or lack of sleep but can also be attributed to the high intake of sugar in the diet, hereditary traits, constant exposure to the sun, smoking habits, dehydration, and the physical changes of aging.

Some remedies include applying eye creams, embracing night time routines using natural ingredients, and making changes to the individual’s dietary habits. However, not all patients can achieve a successful restoration from these techniques, as the physical loss of fat in the under-eye socket is too severe to be addressed by topical treatments.

Dermatologists are more than happy to offer help by recommending advance treatments. With many certified clinical trials and in-depth research, it has been proven that hyaluronic acid implant is among the safest and most effective way to correct this problem for most patients.

Why use HA fillers?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a sugar molecule that plays a crucial role in preserving the youthful appearance of skin. Originally abundant in the body, HA functions as a hydrating regulator that binds and retains water molecule to the area. HA’s nutrients also support the production and stabilization of collagen and elastin. These two components provide elasticity and resilience to the skin.

However, the amount of HA declines as people age. The reduction of HA concentration in the body is further accelerated with constant exposure to harmful free radicals that oxidizes the molecules. These free radicals are prevalent in the UV rays of the sun, as well as in other forms of environmental hazards.

For the area under the eyes, the loss of fat, collagen, and HA thins the skin and make it appear dull. This, in turn, exposes the blue and purplish blood vessels at the periorbital area, making the area under the eye appear unusually dark. Doctors often choose HA-based fillers to help restore HA to the skin, which supports collagen and elastin as well as adding volume.

Restylane: the favored choice

Recent advancements in the industry has suggested using HA-based cosmetic fillers for correcting these areas. One of the leading brands is called Restylane, an HA cosmetic filler manufactured by Galderma. This filler delivers cross-linked, monophasic, sterile non-animal origin HA that is well-tolerated with the human body. Through the use of Galderma’s patented NASHA™ Technology, Restylane’s HA is carefully developed to be a unique and highly particular sizes.

Many oculofacial surgeons use Restylane SIlk for the area due under the eye due to its relative viscosity that is easily fixed into the area. It is also thick enough to elevate the skin from the underlying blood vessels without producing any excessive or conspicuous lumps.

Important considerations for injectors

It is highly prudent to inform the patients of the expected outcomes and the potential for requiring repeated treatments in order to achieve optimal results. As there is a potential for swelling to occur in the site of Restylane injections, patients can apply ice packs onto the area to help resolve any swelling within two weeks or less. Other ways for patients to alleviate any minor adverse effects is to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, not commit any strenuous exercises, or drink alcohol within 24 hours after treatment.

This treatment is only be indicated for adult patients. Reports indicate that, due to Restylane’s cohesiveness in the periorbital area, the impressive and natural-looking result it delivers can last from four months to a year.


Restylane is an effective cosmetic filler that should be considered by surgeons and dermatologists when contemplating the approach to take with patients’ eye bags and skin under the eye. Indeed, with this treatment, they can experience a noninvasive treatment that is highly effective in removing eye bags and the dark circles under their eyes.