Nasolabial folds are a distinct marker of aging. The folds appear from the corner of the nose and move downward to the corners of the mouth. The deterioration of fat and collagen fibers, in conjunction with the downward movement of the malar cheek pads causes these folds to become more severe as people age. These folds should not be mistaken for the nasolabial creases formed in younger patients, which are caused by repetitive movements. However, these two dermal ailments can be corrected using similar methods.

The advancement of aesthetics technology has improved from replenishing collagen to introducing sterile, biocompatible non-animal origin hyaluronic acid (HA) into the skin. The latter choice has become one of the top noninvasive treatments in the US and Europe, as it is quick, reversible, and impressively rejuvenating.

Benefits of hyaluronic acid

The reason why hyaluronic acid has become so popular in the aesthetics industry is due to the fact that it is a native, organic substance present within the skin. HA is a sugar molecule produced in the body to provide hydration, volume, and support to the elastic connective tissues, collagen and elastin. These properties play an essential role in maintaining skin’s tautness and smoothness and in developing the plump, youthful look in facial features. HA’s molecules retain and bind moisture, with the capability of binding with water molecules. Unfortunately, the natural concentration depletes over time with age, which reduces the plumpness of the skin.

Why choose Juvederm?
Juvederm offers products that are indicated for various degrees of wrinkled depth and imperfections of the skin, including nasolabial folds. The brand utilizes HA derived from the bacterial fermentation process of Streptococcus equi, with minimal foreign particles to increase the biocompatibility rate. Fillers in the Vycross collection contain monophasic strands of HA that are partially cross-linked to ensure higher resistance from enzymatic degradation. Vycross Technology also allows the homogenous gel to be smoother and more cohesive in conforming to the shape of the surrounding tissues.

The ideal formula

 Juvederm Vollure™ XC is designed specifically to address moderate to severe nasolabial folds. This cosmetic injectable restores HA into the targeted area, which will subtly lift the cheeks and produce satisfactory results that last from anywhere between 9 to 18 months. Like any dermal filler, individual results may vary.

Professional injection tips
The XC line includes the anesthetic lidocaine in the formulation, which helps to resolve any painful sensation during the procedure. A trained and knowledgeable injector should understand the anatomy of the skin to avoid any complications. For Vollure, use either a 27-gauge needle or a 30-gauge needle and inject into the mid to deep dermis, leaving space for versatile treatment if necessary. The typical total volume should be 1.7ml per treatment site, and it is highly recommended to avoid overcorrection. The injector can gently massage the area after completing the injection, ensuring the gel is evenly distributed.

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Outcomes and considerations

Not only it is quick and efficient, the treatment promises low downtime. Patients may experience mild to moderate responses, but these responses are typically resolved within one week by applying ice packs on the swollen site. They should also avoid performing any strenuous exercises; extensive exposure to sun or heat; and consumption of alcoholic beverages within the first 24 hours, so as to prevent temporary redness, bruising, and/or itching at the injection site.

By the end of the treatment, patients should notice the lack of folds near their mouth. The filler should lift their malar cheek pads upwards, with the padded volume stretching and smoothing of the skin. The remarkable revival of the youthful radiance is achievable with this noninvasive treatment.