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What is Mesotherapy?

What is Mesotherapy?

10 October

What is Mesotherapy?

A Great Solution for Lines and Wrinkles

Are you looking for a safe, minimally invasive solution to smooth out lines, wrinkles and generally restore a fresh, taut, youthful appearance to your skin? Are you ready to attack the first signs of facial aging the moment they occur? If so, mesotherapy from Medical Spa RX is right for you.

The word mesotherapy is derived from meso, the Greek word for “middle”. This refers to the fact that the therapeutic drugs are injected into the subdermal or “middle” layers of skin tissue in the face. This is the part of the skin that supports stem cells, which are responsible for that organ’s regenerative capacity.

Fight Signs of Aging

When skin starts to develop lines, wrinkles, hollows and other signs of aging, it’s the subdermal layers that are host to the problem. This is where the skin’s network of collagen fibers – the structural scaffolding that keeps the shape of your face intact – has its home base. That scaffolding weakens with age and needs to be reinforced.

One of the best ways to fill out lines, wrinkles and hollows in the skin – especially in the face – is to inject problem areas with a substance known as hyaluronic acid. This chemical is naturally occurring and found in the body. When injected into the skin, the hyaluronic acid forms a gel which fills out the tissue layers below the surface of the skin, reducing the appearance of imperfections. Hyaluronic acid is also hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water molecules. This restores moisture to the subdermal layers of the skin, making it look healthier and more hydrated. Hyaluronic acid also stimulates collagen growth, enhancing the structural integrity of the subdermal layer over time and making the skin appear firmer and brighter.

What Products Do We Carry?

Medical Spa RX carries only the most rigorously safety-tested brands of mesotherapeutic injection products. Whether they contain hyaluronic acid alone or a cocktail of ingredients, each of our injectables meets the highest quality control standards.

The brands we sell include the following:

Not Just Hyaluronic Acid

Many mesotherapeutic treatments are much more than aqueous preparations of hyaluronic acid prepared for injection. Many products we sell contain added ingredients that provide additional benefits. These may include a diverse range of vitamins and minerals, which are essential factors and sub-factors for cellular growth and regeneration, such as vitamin C, vitamin B6 and retinol. Some preparations may include lidocaine – a safe, local anesthetic – that reduces soreness and discomfort at the injection site.

Why Buy from Medical Spa RX?

All products sold by Medical Spa RX are the same high quality as products purchased locally. Shipping is completely free if you spend over $800. If you find one of our products at a lower price, we will meet or beat it – proof required. Current customers who refer a new client to us receive $500 in account credits when they spend $3,000 and up!

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