The hand is holding a bottle with Bocouture filler

Have you heard many positive testimonials about Bocouture Botox? Do you use this medicine to relax the injected muscles? Bocouture Botox has been recognized as an alternative to traditional Botox injections since it performs equally in terms of the effect speed and its duration but contains less protein than Botox. However, it still is not interchangeable with other products that contain Botulinum toxin type A, so doctors and beauty practitioners should keep that in mind. Are you interested to learn more about Bocouture Botox and find out if it is sold online? The answers are in this article.

What To Keep In Mind Before Ordering Bocouture Botox Online

It is important thing to keep in mind that only licensed doctors, dentists, and pharmacies working for licensed establishments can use Bocouture Botox in their practice. Therefore, this product is not sold to ordinary people who may decide to order it. If you are a healthcare practitioner who uses or plans to use Bocouture Botox in your treatment, this information can be useful for you.

About Bocouture botox

Bocouture Botox is a medicine that contains Botulinum toxin type 5 used to relax the injected muscles. It originates from Europe and is manufactured by Merz Pharmaceutical GmbH. The medicine has proven efficacy and is the only neurotoxin approved for the combined treatment of upper facial lines. It is a highly stable product that provides safe and effective treatments as well as delivers consistent and reliable results.

What do these products treat?

Bocouture is used to provide aesthetic benefits to patients under 65 years who want to get rid of folds and wrinkles. It is suitable for the treatment of upper facial lines, including frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. The effects last for 3-4 months, depending on the area of treatment.

How does it work?

The main difference of Bocouture is the removal of complexing proteins that may lead to the formation of neutralizing antibodies. Therefore, it is more effective since it acts on nerve endings in facial muscles and prevents them from contracting. This reduction in the activity of muscles makes facial lines softer, and it leads to a natural refreshed look.

Are there side effects?

Bocouture is proven to be safe, but like other examples of medicine, it can cause some side effects. Patients may suffer from localized inflammatory reactions like swelling, redness, bruising, and itching. Other common reactions are headaches, muscle activity disorder, and a heavy feeling in the upper part of the face. There are also possible uncommon reactions, including drooping eyelids, swollen eyelids, blurred vision, fainting, nausea, skin nodule formation, itching, tiredness, and insomnia.

Getting Bocouture Botox Online From Canada/USA: Is It Possible?

Though Bocouture is a European product, it is actively used in over 90 countries, including states of North and Latin America. The only thing every person should keep in mind is that only licensed healthcare practitioners can conduct these minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. Therefore, it is impossible to buy Bocouture products until you confirm your eligibility to treat people.

Where Is the Best Place to Purchase Bocouture Botox Online

There is no sense in looking for a place where to buy Bocouture Botox online if you cannot confirm your professional medical license. However, licensed experts should be aware of their right to buy Bocouture Botox kit, and naturally, it is important to choose a reliable and legitimate store for this purpose. One of these online destinations is Medical Spa RX, and there are persuasive reasons to choose it among other stores:

  • Over 10 years of experience in selling medical and aesthetic products;
  • Zero shipping for orders exceeding $500;
  • Direct contract with the Bocouture manufacturer;
  • Only original properly packaged products are offered for sale;
  • Several ways of order placing, including online account and phone.

Bocouture Botox Wholesale Suppliers USA

It goes without saying that only official retailers can sell medical products, but even they can not complete wholesale orders. When a person wants to get Bocouture products, it is important to understand that such things can be obtained only by licensed professionals and in a limited number of packs to guarantee every patient’s security and avoid detrimental impact on his or her health.

Bocouture Botox cost per unit in wholesale purchases 2022

What is the maximum number of packs healthcare practitioners can get from Bocouture Botox distributors? It depends much on Bocouture Botox supplies in the store. Medical Spa RX is ready to sell 20 and more packs of medical and cosmetic products. Moreover, orders over 5 units get discounts, and if you buy over 21 packs, you can save a good deal of money. Hopefully, now you will not look for any other place where to buy Bocouture Botox.

Bocouture Botox Online With License

Only licensed practitioners with academic training and practical skills can give patients treatment with Bocouture. No wonder only such professionals are allowed to purchase this medicine too. If you plan to use Bocouture in your treatment, you can complete one of the courses in the Merz Institute for Advanced Aesthetics and achieve medical expertise in this sphere.


Can I buy the product online?

Yes, you can only if you possess a doctor’s license with enough injecting experience.

What are Bocouture Botox license requirements?

Bocouture can be administered by a healthcare practitioner who has completed a professional training program, acquired a license of a doctor, and has enough experience of making injections.

Yes, it is if you are a licensed doctor who turns to an official retailer for medicine.

How do I get Bocouture Botox as a provider?

First, you should confirm your eligibility for buying medical products and then make an order through the account on the site or by phone.

Can nurse practitioners provide Bocouture Botox injections?

It is possible if a nurse has completed special courses and received a license of a healthcare practitioner.