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Is it possible to find a wrinkle treatment that will satisfy the majority of patients? This question interests everyone who hasn’t tried Dysport. Though this is a prescription medicine to treat frown wrinkles and folds from moderate to deep ones, 97% of women who tried it admit to doing that again. It means that these injections show an amazing effect, and aesthetics professionals should consider it for use in their practice. Are you excited to learn more about this effective product and learn how to buy it? You’ve come to the right place.

Prior to Ordering Dysport Online: What to Keep in Mind?

The number of beauty injections is so big that some professionals may need to revise their characteristics and properties not to mix them with each other. Here are some facts you should keep in mind about Dysport as a licensed practitioner.

About Dysport

Dysport is a prescription injection with unique properties that helps to smooth moderate to severe frown lines. Dysport guarantees a natural-looking effect, acts rapidly within 2-3 days only, and lasts for a long period of time up to 5 months without any influence on the face movement. It is prescribed to people under 65 years and is a type of botulinum toxin that relaxes muscles under the skin to make this area smooth.

What do these products treat?

Dysport is used to treat glabellar lines. These are lines that are sometimes called frown ones, which are located between your eyebrows and get deeper with aging.

How does it work?

Dysport is injected under the skin to reduce specific muscle activity. A doctor makes one injection into each of 5 points that prevents the creation or wrinkle deepening by restricting movements of facial muscles.

Are there side effects?

Like the majority of other medications, Dysport treatment may have several side effects. Patients may experience nose and throat irritation, eyelid swelling or/and drooping, suffer from headache and nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, sinus inflammation, feel pain in the injection site, etc. All these side effects are considered the most common ones.

Get Dysport From Canada/USA

Dysport is approved in 69 countries and has 25 years of clinical experience, so it is often used in Canada and the USA too. The only thing to remember about Dysport is the fact that it is a prescription medicine that can be purchased online by anyone. It is sold in specialized stores that are considered official distributors of this product and can be purchased only by licensed healthcare professionals.

Best Place to Order Dysport Online: Does it exist?

Licensed healthcare practitioners may be puzzled about where to buy Dysport since prescription medicines are sold only after the license validation. Fortunately, Medical Spa RX offers one common procedure for all aesthetics and medical professionals, no matter whether they want to buy Dysport kit or any other treatment. It is necessary to provide a copy or photo of the certification to the customer support representative, and then store customers can make unlimited purchases and enjoy all the benefits of buying medication and cosmetic products at Medical Spa RX:

  • Over 10 years of experience;
  • Direct supplies from the manufacturer;
  • Support for multi-pack purchases over 21 units;
  • Free delivery of products for orders over $500;
  • A wide choice of brands to select from.

Dysport Wholesale Suppliers USA

Prescription medications are not sold in bulk online, so the chances of finding Dysport wholesale suppliers are almost zero. It is better to find a store that accepts orders with several packs, delivers products on time, and is an official representative of the manufacturer like Medical Spa RX.

Dysport cost per unit in wholesale purchases 2022

Thanks to regular Dysport supplies, Medical Spa RX is the best place for those who look for a trusted online store where to buy Dysport. There is no sense in searching for other Dysport distributors since after the confirmation of the client’s medical license, it is possible to place an order online or by phone as well as save on the cost of every unit. Though prices in Medical Spa RX are really competitive, there are chances to get discounts for 5 and more packs in one order.

Purchase Dysport Online With License

If you are a healthcare practitioner with a lot of injection experience and you want to get Dysport at Medical Spa RX, it is possible to do that only after you confirm your medical license. The same goes for companies and providers who offer medical services.


Can I buy Dysport online?

It is possible only if a licensed healthcare practitioner makes an order.

What are Dysport license requirements?

A medical professional should have a respective license and enough injecting experience to treat patients with Dysport and order it online.

Such purchases are considered legal only if they are performed by licensed healthcare specialists.

How do I get the product as a provider?

The procedure is traditional for all customers. First, it is necessary to confirm the doctor’s license and then place an order either online through the account created or by phone.

Can nurse practitioners provide Dysport injections?

It is possible only when a nurse receives a respective medical license to treat people.