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Over the past several years, we’ve seen incredible growth in the medical spa industry. What was once a small niche is now a big business where thousands of businesses compete for clients.

Medical spa marketing is essential in growing your med spa business. If prospective patients don’t know about your spa, they can’t book a treatment. Creating a marketing strategy is crucial. Here are some ideas for promoting your medical spa and getting regular clients. 

Host an Open House Event

Getting word-of-mouth recommendations is one of the best ways to advertise your med spa business. People are more likely to decide on a product or service when they experience it firsthand. If they’re happy with their treatment, they will tell their friends and family to visit your spa.

Therefore, hosting an open house event where interested parties can learn more about your services is a great – and cost-efficient – way to get the word around. Put on an event around a theme or specific treatment, have guest speakers, offer some deals for the visitors, or even create a giveaway and reward one lucky guest with a free treatment.

Create a Referral Program

Your medical spa marketing plan can also include a referral program through which you’ll reward clients who bring you new clients. Once again, the best advertising is the one that happens naturally, and getting recommendations from our friends and colleagues gives us a reason to trust something we haven’t tried before.

As for the referrers, you can reward them with exclusive discounts and free sessions, or give them credit they can spend on their next treatment. You can get creative with your rewards and even reward referred clients.

Use Email Marketing

It may come as a surprise, but many people actually want to receive emails about subjects that interest them. They’ll sign up for newsletters and email notifications, which is a viable strategy to promote your business.

So, how do you market a medical spa through email? You can start by offering your clients to sign up for a monthly newsletter – through the website, at your med spa, or via flyers. Then, you work on creating more personalized email marketing campaigns, updates, and any kind of helpful content that will keep your subscriber base growing and engaged.

Email notifications are a powerful tool to spread the word about any promotions and events you run. It’s common practice to offer various exclusives to the subscribers, like one-off discount codes.

Offer Seasonal Promotions

You will have undoubtedly noticed while running your spa that there are certain times of the year when interest in medical spas grows and wanes. By offering seasonal promotions, you’ll reach clients already looking for gifts, whether for themselves or their significant other.

One good example of a medical spa marketing idea is creating a Valentine’s Day offer. That can be a special package or discount for couples who wish to stay young using BOTOX. Simply giving out discounts during various holidays can help get more people into your spa, and many of them may become your regular clients.

Engage Through Social Media

In the 21st century, social media is so powerful that businesses must be present on these platforms. Creating a digital marketing strategy for networks like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook will help you get the word out, leading to more visitors to your spa.

There are multiple ways to approach social media, depending on your plans for attracting the audience. They’re very cost-effective, but require significant time and effort as they fall under content creation, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Various trends that users on social networks start are a great way to get thousands of eyes on your products and services. TikTok is the best example of that. Not a week goes by without someone starting a trend, which the whole community hops on immediately.

The general spa marketing strategy here would be to implement your brand organically into these videos and photos. Do not make the brand the center of attention, but keep it clear that it is your brand, so the audience remembers it and, ultimately, books a spa session.

Videos are IN Again

Long-form video content is a great way to offer both value and education to your clients. Internet users nowadays prefer video over written text, not to mention how it’s an easier and better way to present what your med spa offers.

Besides creating video tours and similar promotional content, your video strategy can revolve around thematic videos where staff explain various procedures. Once you’ve published these videos, you can then reuse parts of them for YouTube Shorts, Instagram/Facebook Reels, or ad campaigns.

You can also compile video testimonials from your clients and use them in marketing campaigns.

Consider Working with Influencers

A popular way of med spa advertising is through influencer campaigns. The beauty and spa world of influencers is incredibly diverse today, with audiences counting in millions. You’ll want to tap into that potential and grow your business exponentially.

As for the marketing strategy, this can be anything from a simple social media post to inviting the influences to your med spa, where they’ll create content for their audience, showing off your facilities.

Relying on a single influencer is a good start, but ideally, working with multiple people within a single campaign is better. It’s not the most affordable advertising venue for promotion, but the sheer power of modern influencers and their vast audiences can lead to more clients.

Host a Giveaway

Everybody loves getting free things. Therefore, giveaways are a great way to promote your spa and generate a lot of buzz around the services you provide. You can get creative with how people enter the giveaway, and you might get some additional spa marketing ideas along the way.

Social media is amazing for giveaways. For example, you can give away a skin peel treatment to one lucky person who retweets your announcement on Twitter or ask your Instagram followers to tag someone they’d go to a spa with and randomly pick the winner there. Of course, you don’t have to restrict the contest to just one social network, or even the internet, by creating a giveaway at trade shows and other events.

One thing to note here is that each social media app has different rules and restrictions regarding giveaways, so make sure you’ve read their terms before launching your campaign.

Utilize Google Ads

Medical spa advertising wouldn’t be complete without running ads on the world’s largest search engine, Google. This is THE way many people find out about spas, treatments, and medical products or dermal fillers.

By running several Google Ads simultaneously, each custom-made for a different type of audience, and landing on different services you offer, you will cast a wider net and convert more visitors into clients.

Optimize Your Website

Are your clients having trouble finding your business online? Chances are, your website needs optimizing. Search engine optimization (SEO) is as essential as having a nice-looking website, as it greatly impacts whether you’ll reach the right clients and grow your med spa business.

SEO will help you reach that coveted page 1 of Google search results. It’s slightly different to more traditional medical spa marketing as it requires a deep analysis of your competition, what comes up when you search for your business online, and rebuilding parts of your website around what you’ve learned.

This strategy includes optimizing the website’s text, improving its speed, and listing your business on Google by creating a business profile. It takes time, but it’s definitely worth the time and trouble.

Attend Trade Shows

Finally, you’ll want your med spa business to be present at various trade shows. Even in this era of social networks and blazing-fast information, people interested in going to spas will visit trade shows to learn more about this industry.

Trade shows are also a way to get more med spa marketing ideas by talking to people and observing how they promote their businesses. It’s a bigger business expense than other marketing methods we mentioned above, but one that proves consistently successful.


How do I market my medical spa?

There are many ways and marketing strategies for promoting your medical spa services, from plain old (but effective) paid advertising to content marketing, sending out newsletters, and running a referral program. 

Who is the target market for Medispa?

Women are considered the most dominant target market for medispa products and services. Of course, your spa marketing plan may involve men, too, as they’ve become increasingly interested in medical procedures. Ultimately, though, it all depends on your business goals.

What makes a med spa successful?

Usually, med spas focus on a single process where they’re considered experts. They can naturally expand to other treatments as they grow, and their medical spa marketing will change to reflect their level of expertise.