Butt injection.

The allure of a curvier figure has led to a significant rise in buttock augmentation surgeries. In 2020, an estimated 396,105 individuals underwent such procedures, a 19.3% increase from 2016. This trend underscores a growing societal preference for fuller buttocks, reflecting the procedure’s rising popularity.

For those who don’t want to undergo surgical procedures, Radiesse offers a safer alternative for buttock enhancement. This injectable filler provides immediate lift and volume, catering to those seeking a less invasive method. Its ability to stimulate collagen production over time ensures lasting results, bridging the gap between temporary fixes and permanent surgical solutions.

This article will explore Radiesse BBL treatments, their benefits, procedure details, and what patients can expect from this innovative approach to buttock augmentation.

Key Takeaways

  • Radiesse BBL is a non-surgical alternative to traditional butt augmentation procedures, using strategic injections to enhance buttock volume and contour.
  • The treatment process involves evaluating patient criteria, conducting pretreatment assessments, and following post-treatment guidelines for recovery and aftercare.
  • Patients can expect realistic outcomes and long-term effects with proper maintenance considerations.

What is Radiesse BBL?

Butt injection.

Radiesse BBL stands as a breakthrough in the field of non-surgical buttock augmentation, providing a minimally invasive option for individuals aiming to enhance their buttocks without undergoing surgery. It stands apart as a non-surgical alternative to traditional butt augmentation methods such as autologous fat grafting.


How Does Radiesse BBL Work?

During the Radiesse BBL treatment, professionals inject Radiesse under the skin using a minimally invasive procedure. This step aims to provide immediate and visible wrinkle correction with lasting effects. Radiesse plays a pivotal role in the non-surgical enhancement of buttock volume and contour by injecting calcium-based filler into targeted areas. This procedure rounds and shapes the buttocks and stimulates collagen growth for longer-lasting results.

Doctors can also use this filler for other applications, using Radiesse for jawlines or other areas that can benefit from cosmetic enhancements.

Candidate Evaluation for Radiesse BBL

Butt injection.

Selecting suitable candidates is crucial for achieving optimal results with Radiesse BBL. Here are the ideal patient criteria:

  • Patients should exhibit moderate to severe signs of aging, including volume loss and sagging in the buttock area. Radiesse BBL effectively addresses these concerns, restoring youthful contour and appearance.
  • Candidates must be looking for a non-invasive treatment option. Those who prefer to avoid surgical procedures such as traditional butt augmentation find Radiesse BBL an appealing solution.
  • Good overall health is essential. Patients must not have significant health issues that could interfere with treatment or recovery.
  • Realistic expectations about the outcome are necessary. While Radiesse BBL can significantly enhance buttock volume and shape, patients must understand the limitations and consequences of this cosmetic procedure.
  • Individuals should have sufficient skin elasticity in the buttock area. This process ensures the skin can effectively accommodate the added volume and adapt to the new contour.
  • A commitment to follow pre-treatment and post-treatment guidelines is vital for success. Adhering to these recommendations helps maximize treatment benefits and reduce potential side effects.

The Radiesse BBL Treatment Process

Butt injection.

The Radiesse BBL treatment process offers a non-surgical solution for buttock enhancement. It provides a minimally invasive option that requires precise technique and understanding.

  • Conduct a detailed consultation to determine the patient’s eligibility for Radiesse BBL, focusing on desired outcomes and any potential contraindications.
  • Perform a comprehensive evaluation of the buttocks area to plan injection sites for optimal lift and contouring.
  • Mark the areas on the buttocks where injections will be administered to guide the procedure accurately.
  • Ensure the patient is comfortable and positioned correctly before beginning the treatment to facilitate easy access to the marked sites.
  • Antiseptics are used to clean the injection areas thoroughly, minimizing infection risk.
  • Apply a local anesthetic or topical numbing cream to reduce discomfort during injection.
  • Load the Radiesse dermal filler into syringes explicitly prepared for this procedure step.
  • Administer Radiesse injections strategically into predetermined sites on the buttocks, carefully sculpting and enhancing volume where needed for optimal results.
  • Massage treatment areas gently post-injection, helping to distribute the filler and shape a natural-looking contour evenly.
  • Provide aftercare instructions that include activity restrictions, managing potential side effects, and signs to watch out for requiring immediate medical attention.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment to assess healing progress and effectiveness of results and discuss any concerns post-treatment.

Patients undergoing Radiesse BBL can expect the treatment session to last around 30 minutes. This timeframe includes the actual injections, crucial for enhancing buttock volume and contour.


Recovery and Aftercare for Radiesse BBL

To achieve the best results, ensure a smooth recovery following Radiesse BBL treatment. Adhering to posttreatment guidelines is essential to minimizing potential side effects and maximizing patient satisfaction.

  • Patients should minimize strenuous activity immediately after their procedure to reduce the risk of swelling or bruising.
  • Patients must avoid extensive sun exposure and high-heat situations for at least 24 hours after treatment until any redness or swelling decreases.
  • Encourage patients to follow all provided postprocedure instructions closely to ensure optimal healing.
  • Ensure regular monitoring of the treated area for any signs of complications; prompt medical attention may be required if any adverse reactions occur.
  • Advise patients that mild to moderate bruising may appear but typically resolves within 2-5 days following the treatment.

Expected Outcomes and Results

Individuals considering Radiesse BBL should maintain stable mental and physical health, understand their mild to moderate sagging conditions, have healthy skin quality, and have an appropriate Body Mass Index (BMI).

Patients see the initial effects of Radiesse BBL within a week, enjoying enhanced buttock volume and contour. While long-lasting, these results typically remain for two to six months.



Radiesse BBL stands out as a non-surgical treatment, offering impressive results for those aiming to enhance the shape and volume of their buttocks without undergoing surgery. The procedure uses FDA-approved dermal fillers to safely and effectively add fullness and contour to the buttock region.

With minimal recovery time compared to traditional surgical methods, this innovative approach allows individuals to achieve their desired look with less downtime. Choosing Radiesse BBL means opting for a quick, efficient path toward achieving dream curves with lasting effects.



1. What is Radiesse BBL?

Radiesse BBL is a non-surgical treatment that uses injections to enhance and shape the buttocks.

2. How long does the Radiesse BBL procedure take?

The Radiesse BBL procedure usually takes about 30 minutes to complete.

3. Is there any downtime after getting a Radiesse BBL treatment?

No downtime is typically needed after a Radiesse BBL treatment, allowing you to return to daily activities immediately.

4. How long do the results of a Radiesse BBL last?

Results from a Radiesse BBL can last up to two years or more before touch-ups may be needed.

5. Does getting a Radiesse BBL hurt?

Most people experience minimal discomfort during the Radiesse BBL procedure, often described as slight pressure or pinching.


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