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SUPARTZ® Italian

$299 USD
The origin of this product is Europe
Manufacturer Seikagaku Corp.
Active Substance(s) Sodium hyaluronate
Strength 10mg/ml
Pack Size 5-2.5ml prefilled syringes
Accessories Package insert
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Packs For each
1 - 5 $ 299.00 USD
6 - 10 $ 289.00 USD
11 - 20 $ 284.00 USD
21+ USD$ 279.00 USD 279
Group Buy $ 279.00 USD

SUPARTZ® English

The origin of this product is Europe
Manufacturer Seikagaku Corp.
Active Substance(s) Sodium hyaluronate
Strength 10mg/ml
Pack Size 5-2.5ml prefilled syringes
Accessories Package insert

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Five pre-filled 2.5ml syringes, Package Insert

Main Benefits

Supartz is a sodium hyaluronate injection to help the pain and discomfort of patients, who are suffering from knee osteoarthritis. It helps to cushion the joint and keeps it lubricated so that patients will feel less pain and discomfort. This injection also helps patients, who want to delay their knee replacement surgery.


10mg/ml sodium hyaluronate

Ingredients Information

The hyaluronic acid in Supartz works to keep the areas treated lubricated and cushioned so that patients will feel extreme pain relief from their joints and osteoarthritis pain.

Use Instructions

How do I use or apply Supartz?

Supartz is administered via intra-articular injection. Three to five injections will be needed.  The injections must be separated by a week.  

When should I use Supartz?

Supartz can be used to treat patients, who feel pain and discomfort due to their knee osteoarthritis. It is perfect to be used in patients, who have not had any success in getting their pain treated with other treatments, like painkillers, physical therapy and exercise.

What areas can I treat with Supartz?

Supartz can be used to treat pain associated with knee osteoarthritis.

How long does Supartz last?

Supartz can alleviate symptoms for of osteoarthritis of the knee for 18 weeks.

How long does the treatment take?

Supartz injection administration does not take long.  There are a series of injections that must occur for three to five weeks.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I order Supartz for my medical spa?

Supartz is a viscosupplement for patients, who are suffering from knee joint pain. It can be ordered on without any problem upon verification. Shipping can be sent to any part of the world to any clinic and hospital. For more information, please check out our shipping and returns policy.

Why should I order Supartz?

Supartz is ordered specifically to help patients treat their osteoarthritis symptoms. It works well for patients, who have tried other treatments with no success. 

Supartz can be ordered on, where it is available to be purchased in bulk at the best prices online. For more details on the order and shipping process, do check out

Who would be interested in buying this treatment at my medical spa?

Supartz is perfect for patients, who have tried everything to get rid of the pain they feel in their knees but have failed to any solution to their problems. This injection is a great way to get their osteoarthritis treated and at the same time, be free of all the pain and discomfort they have been feeling.

What side effects can Supartz cause?

Supartz can cause pain and itching at the injection site. As well, patients with avian allergies may have effects caused by this product.

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