As we grow older, our skin starts losing its firmness and youthful texture. As our body starts to produce less and less hyaluronic acid, our skin starts to sag and wrinkles start to form. One of the most effective ways to combat these signs of aging is to replace the lost hyaluronic acid. With Restylane Volyme with Lidocaine, not only is it safer and less prone for harmful side effects, results are also long-lasting and natural looking.

What is Restylane Volyme with Lidocaine?

Restylane is an FDA-approved range of dermal fillers created by the company Galderma. These fillers use non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid with BDDE cross links to volumize, rehydrate, and rejuvenate skin. Restylane distinguishes itself by being the first major brand to use non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid, making their products safer from infections and hypersensitivity while also making it one of the more vegan-friendly options in the market.

Restylane Volyme  is one of the products under the Restylane brand. Specifically, it is the variant that is best for facial contouring, adding enhancements to the face, and combating volume loss due to aging. Restylane Volyme with Lidocaine is the same product with the addition of 0.3% lidocaine. The added lidocaine helps to reduce the pain and discomfort felt by the patient.

How does Restylane Volyme work?

Restylane has two innovations that help them achieve their amazing results:

  • Non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid or NASHA is hyaluronic acid created from biofermentation of bacteria. Because it is not taken from animal sources, it is safer and has less side effects. This process creates hyaluronic acid that is firmer and more precise, giving a more pronounced and more controlled lift.
  • Optimal Balance Technology is a process that makes the hyaluronic acid gel have a softer texture, helping it integrate with the skin and giving it a more natural look.

Restylane Volyme also has added lidocaine to help reduce pain and discomfort during and after the procedure.

What areas can Restylane Volyme be used for?

Restylane Volyme is typically used to contour and add volume to areas such as the jawline, chin, and cheeks, leading to more pronounced features and a younger-looking face.

Restylane Volyme can be used together with other Restylane products for the more sensitive areas such as tear trough and lips.

How long does Restylane Volyme last?

Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers get resorbed by the body over time due to the hyaluronidase that our body produces. The effects of these fillers are usually extended depending on how the hyaluronic acid is formulated and how much it is crosslinked.

Restylane Volyme typically lasts between 12 to 18 months before additional treatment is needed. Though this can vary from patient to patient depending on their lifestyle and exposure to other factors such as stress and sunlight for example.

What happens during treatment?

Before treatment, it’s best to start with a consultation with the licensed medical professional who will perform the treatment. You and your medical history will need to be checked for contraindications such as hypersensitivity to the medication, bleeding disorders, or any immunosuppressive conditions that you may be experiencing that could . You would also need to be assessed as to what treatments would best suit you or your lifestyle. They can also help you get ready for the procedure and the succeeding months by telling you what to expect and what you should or shouldn’t be doing once you get the treatment.

During the actual treatment, the doctor will start with disinfecting the area where the filler will be injected. He may opt for a topical anesthetic, but it is usually not needed. The Restylane Volyme is then injected into the areas where it needs more volume. The depth of the injection will depend on what part of the face needs the injection and how much of the product will need to be used. After the injection, the doctor may massage the area for it to be distributed evenly.

After the treatment, some swelling on the affected area is expected as the hyaluronic acid will start to retain water and the injection would normally cause an inflammation reaction. This should subside within one to two weeks.

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