The aesthetics industry uses different medical products to make people younger and more beautiful. Some of these medicines are prescription only products like Azzalure local muscle relaxant. Healthcare practitioners who know this solution for injections and used it before should understand that such products aren’t sold online to anyone who wants to make a purchase. Only licensed medical professionals are eligible to prescribe this medicine to patients and make injections. If you work with Azzalure or plan to use it in the future, keep on reading, and you’ll find lots of interesting information about it and whether it’s possible to get this product online.

What to remember before you order Azzalure online

Every woman who sees folds and wrinkles on her face wants to become young-looking again. No wonder lots of women turn to aestheticians for temporary improvements in their appearances using Azzalure injections. Why are they made, and what should you know about this medical product? Let’s find out below.

About the brand

Azzalure is a product of the Galderma company founded in 1981. The manufacturer has created the Azzalure brand to suggest to healthcare practitioners an aesthetic version of Dysport in the EU.

Azzalure is a local muscle relaxant adapted from the botulinum neuromodulator type-A of Dysport. The product contains botulinum toxin type A in quantity corresponding to 125 speywood units for one vial. It is specifically designed to be used in aesthetic indications only.

What do these products treat?

Azzalure is used to provide temporary improvements in the appearance from moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. It is indicated to use on two zones only:

  1. Glabellar lines which are vertical lines between eyebrows and are usually seen when a person frowns;
  2. Crow’s feet lines known also as lateral canthal lines seen when a person in a very mature age smiles.

The manufacturer approves the use of the Azzalure injection only in case these lines have a psychological impact on a patient.

How does it work?

Azzalure is a prescription only medication that should be injected under the upper layer of skin. It can be administered only by a healthcare practitioner with an appropriate qualification and injection expertise as well as having the necessary equipment.

Azzalure is delivered in a pack with 125 units, and a doctor should use one reconstituted unit to treat only one patient during one session.

Glabellar lines are usually treated with a recommended dose of 50 Speywood units divided into 5 injection sites plus 10 Speywood units injected intramuscularly under the right skin angles.

Crow’s feet lines are treated with a recommended dose of 30 Speywood units divided into 3 injection sites plus 10 Speywood units administered intramuscularly into every injection point.

Are there side effects?

The number of patients who were treated with Azzalure in different clinical trials is around 3,800. It helped to discover adverse reactions and undesirable effects, which may differ depending on the area of treatment.

For glabellar lines, side effects are divided into very common which are headache and injection site reactions like erythema, oedema, irritation, rash, pruritus, paraesthesia, pain, discomfort, stinging and haematoma, and just common including temporary facial paresis, eye problems like eyelid oedema and muscle twitching, etc. There are also uncommon and rare reactions like dizziness, hypersensitivity, visual impairment, urticaria, pruritus, rash and others.

For crow’s feet lines, side effects are divided into common such as headache, temporary facial paresis, eyelid oedema or ptosis, injection site reactions, and uncommon conditions like a dry eye.

Azzalure Products In Canada/USA: How Much Does It Cost?

Azzalure products are produced in Europe, but Galderma company has official distributors in the US and Canada to deliver its own brands to all healthcare practitioners in these countries and all around the globe. Azzalure Botulinum Type A is sold in a 2 pack with 125 units each, and the price depends on the distributor, first of all.

Best Place to Get Azzalure Online

There’s no sense in looking for a store where to buy Azzalure since this medicine is available only for licensed healthcare practitioners. If you’re qualified and experienced enough to prove your expertise level with an official license,  please contact us and find out whether we can help you buy Azzalure kit.

Being a preferred distributor of Azzalure products, our platform ensures the safety of all Galderma products and their correct delivery and storage. According to Galderma’s requirements, a distributor should provide information about everyone who purchases its products, which is one of the ways to protect potential patients.

Azzalure Wholesale Suppliers USA

Unfortunately, you won’t find any company that will provide Azzalure wholesale supplies except for official company distributors. They’re responsible for every pack ordered from the manufacturer and can supply them in limited amounts only.

Azzalure cost per unit wholesale 2022

Azzalure distributors are the only official place where to buy Azzalure is a real possibility if you are a licensed healthcare professional. Though it is impossible to make a wholesale order, some distributors have regular Azzalure supplies and can suggest several packs of this medicine with a discount.

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Buy Azzalure online with license

Since only licensed healthcare practitioners are eligible for ordering Azzalure medications, the first thing any potential buyer should do is to confirm the qualifications possessed. Only when this stage is completed it is possible to proceed with the Azzalure purchase procedure.


Can I purchase Azzalure online?

It is possible only if you prove you are a licensed healthcare practitioner who is eligible for administering injections.

What are Azzalure license requirements?

A healthcare professional should have appropriate qualifications, required equipment, and expertise in this type of treatment in accordance with national guidelines.

No, it’s not. Only certified doctors and practitioners can make such orders.

How do I order Azzalure as a provider?

You should certify that your company is lawful to perform such types of treatment and contact the customer support team of the official distributor to make an order of any product, even for unrelated cosmetic products like Dysport.

Can nurse practitioners purchase Azzalure?

No, they can’t. Only licensed healthcare practitioners can do that.